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Callum Strawbridge

TMA Turnaround - Sunshine Coast [11JUN17]

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Ladies and Gentleman!


The Events Team is proud to present the latest major event for this year, TMA Turnaround - Sunshine Coast!


What is TMA Turnaround you may ask? Well, We love having competitions featured in our events to keep everyone participating for as long as possible. With this in mind, The aim will be to fly as many sectors between the nominated airports as possible, in the 4 hour period. We will have tracking in place using VATPAC Statistics. It requires that you fly from Gate to Gate, Shutting down your engines prior to commencing the next sector.



The Details


We will be featuring Robert Fluke's amazing Sunshine Coast scenery as our go to/from airport. As we have received feedback about lack of major GA events, This event is fully inclusive of both GA aircraft and our Classic Jets. To split the traffic, The event will have two categories, GA and Non GA. All GA Traffic will operate between Archerfield and Sunshine Coast, While Non GA (Jets) will operate between Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.


To ensure fairness, Aircraft operating under the GA Category will need to be below 5700KG's MTOW. All other aircraft will be required to operate from Gold Coast in the Non GA Category to qualify for the event.


We have planned routes for the flight to ensure traffic will be able to transition easily between the two airports. Please see the below routes for the flight.








VFR Aircraft can plan as they wish. Clearances will be available to enter Controlled Airspace or you can navigate around and remain outside the Brisbane TMA.  Any aircraft that don't file the route above can expect delays/holding.


Due to the size of Sunshine Coast and the layout of the Airspace, It may be necessary to carry holding fuel! Before logging on, Please check which airport has less departures at the time to ensure traffic is evenly spread across the TMA.


With some fantastic scenery available for Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, We hope to see some fantastic pictures!




For the Air Traffic Controllers


ATC Applications are open now until 1000z Saturday 03/06/17. The roster will be released by 1200z Sunday 04/06/17. Controllers will receive a briefing and updated Local Instructions file.


The following ATC positions are currently planned:














Before Applying, Please consider you need to be S3 Rated or have completed the VATPAC Procedural Tower Rating to operate AF_TWR or SU_TWR.


To Apply, Go to the VATPAC Website > Events > ATC Application





YBCG, Gold Coast - FSX/Prepar3d |

YBCG, Gold Coast - X-Plane 10 |


YBAF, Archerfield - FSX/Prepar3d |


YBSU, Sunshine Coast - FSX/Prepar3d |




If you have any questions or feedback, Please post in the the Major Event Discussion Forum. We hope to see you there! :D



ATC Roster Published


Version 1


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