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  1. For the upcoming AIRAC2005, the brand new Auto Updater Client will be used. The client is developed by Peter Story and you can check out the details and download it from his post below in anticipation for the upcoming AIRAC.
  2. Recently I received a resignation letter from Liesel Downes from the role of IT Developer. Liesel is leaving the team due to personal commitments and through out the course of being an IT Developer, Liesel has made an enormous contribution to the team on various projects. We wish Liesel well with future endeavors and thank you for your service to VATPAC IT.
  3. One of the goals of the IT Department is to improve transparency in the platforms being developed and what and how personal data is stored. With this in mind, we are announcing the VATPAC profile. This page will be where you can go to find the data stored and used by VATPAC. Generally, this will generally be data sourced from VATSIM SSO but will expand in the future. NOTE: This does not include forums or academy data. It is solely personal data from the core. If you would like to contribute, the code can be found on the VATPAC GitHub
  4. At the request of Dick Tucker VATOCE3:
  5. The VATPAC IT team is hard at work on numerous projects and in an effort to increase transparency and community engagement we are opening up our projects to the community. This GitHub account houses various projects that are developed for the VATPAC community. We invite you to collaborate, make pull requests and raise issues to improve the quality of the systems on VATPAC. You can run the projects on your local machine with a connection to the Core for the time being but API keys will be implemented in the future to be able to access the Core locally outside VATPAC servers. In regards to security and privacy, only projects that do not involve any sensitive data are being published to the GitHub, i.e. frontend projects that integrate with the VATPAC Core and do not directly deal with any sensitive data. For that reason systems such as the VATPAC Core backend are not published to the public. You can access the VATPAC GitHub at
  6. Over the past few days, the VATSIM Australia server had been experiencing issues and was intermittently unavailable. After a few modifications to how both the server and the VATPAC web server are managed, we believe to have resolved the issues. More specifically, the connection drops were purely to do with the connection between the server and the outside world. The bandwidth pipe had seemed to be overloaded by other traffic and in an effort to reduce the network traffic, the VATPAC TeamSpeak server is no longer running on the same server as the VATSIM Australia FSD server. Instead, the TeamSpeak server is running independently to these services. In regards to the future of TeamSpeak, the board is meeting in the near future to discuss VATPAC's voice communication services, including the results of the survey. Currently, the TeamSpeak is fully operational and all services are back to normal with a few quality and assurance additions in the background. If you continue to experience any issues, the voice server is the designated backup and will remain so in the case of any future mishaps. If you have any questions or are still having issues, please contact me at [email protected]
  7. **Update** If you are having issues with the voice servers please try connecting to
  8. Over the past few days, VATSIM's Australia based server has been experiencing connection drops. These losses in connection are temporary and only last for about 10 or so seconds before regaining connection. Loss of connection only seems to be occurring once or twice per day at irregular intervals. We are aware of the cause of the issue but due to various constraints, we are forced to look into various alternative solutions. The services affected are as follows: VATSIM Australia Service (both pilot clients and controller clients) VATPAC voice servers ( & VATPAC TeamSpeak For the majority of the time, the Australian server will work just fine, if you are having troubles and are not able to connect please try connecting to as this should work. If you have any questions about this feel free to contact me at [email protected]
  9. Hello all, Please join me in congratulating @Elliot Parker, @Jamie Ashton, and @Peter Story who have just join the IT Development team. Each of these individuals possesses unique skills that they bring that will prove invaluable to the team.
  10. The VATPAC IT team has a long road ahead with various updates to current systems and new implementations planned. Due to the amount of work we are seeking interest from the community to join the IT team. Being apart of the VATPAC IT team allows you to expand your skill set with the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects in varying areas in the interest of the betterment of the VATPAC IT systems. Reports to You will report directly to the VATPAC Director IT. Duties Include Assist in the development of web, desktop and back-end based applications that will ultimately enhance the VATPAC infrastructure. Liaise with the Director IT and/or Deputy Director IT with regards to current and future projects. Ensure that member privacy and platform security is the utmost concern when developing/maintaining systems. Ensure that any project and information not available to the general membership is held in strict confidence. Essential Criteria Include Be a member of good standing in VATSIM (do not have to currently be a member of VATPAC) Be able to work well in a team in a voluntary organisation Have good problem-solving skills and are able to 'think outside the box' A candidate applying for this position will preferably Hold at least 6 months membership of VATSIM Be able to provide an example/portfolio of previous work Have good knowledge in one or more of the following Web (HTML, CSS, JS) Backend (PHP, Ruby On Rails, NodeJS, Python) Angular CLI Window Applications (C++, C#, etc.) Support/Administration How to Apply Members interested in being considered for the role should apply by outlining their experience and suitability with links to any previous work. Applications should be sent via email to [email protected] APPLICATIONS ARE IN STRICTEST CONFIDENCE. Applications Close 11:59 pm, April 10th, 2019.
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