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  1. Congratulations to Chriss who recently achieved his ENR Visiting Controller Check! Well done Chriss!
  2. Ethan Barr - TMA Rating

    Congratulations to Ethan who recently achieved his TMA Rating! Well done Ethan!
  3. Congratulations to Bailey who recently achieved the ENR Visiting Controller Check! Well done Bailey!
  4. TMA Controller Liam Neasmith

    A massive congratulations to Liam who recently passed his S3 Rating! Well done Liam
  5. Congratulations to Johnathon who recently completed his online controller checkride! Well done Johnathon
  6. ENR Controller - Max David

    Congratulations to Max David who recently completed his C1 assessment! Well done Max
  7. TMA Rating - Nicholas Gilbert

    Please join me in welcoming Nicholas to the Approach team after successfully completing his S3 rating.
  8. TOWER Controller - Chris Hoare

    Congratulations to Chris who has joined the ranks of qualified TWR controllers. Well done Chris, look forward to seeing you around!

    1. INTRODUCTION This NOTAM is detailed in accordance with paragraph 27 of the VATPAC Controller Positions and Ratings Policy. This is for the purpose of ATC Training. 2. RESERVED POSITIONS A) Melbourne Tower | ML_TWR B) Melbourne Ground | ML_GND 3. EFFECTIVE DATE & TIME The above position will be reserved for use from 0930z-1130z, 10JUL17. 4. CONTACT Daniel Martin - Mentor (d.martin(at)vatpac.org) Peter Adamos - Director, ATC Training (atc(at)vatpac.org) 5. NOTICE TO ATC Under sub-paragraph 27(3), controllers must not control this position during the times indicated, without prior approval of the listed contact. 6. CANCELLATION This NOTAM Self Cancels at 2359z 10JUL17.
  10. Congratulations to Tanner, who passed his S3!
  11. Congratulations to Ashley, who passed his S3 rating!
  12. Paul Tyquin - TMA Controller

    Everyone, please join me and congratulate Paul Tyquin, as he is the newest S3 controller in town! Well done Paul on being competent on assessment.
  13. NOTAM 26OCT16 - Changes to VATPAC Airspace

    Will be released prior to WF arrival legs
  14. TWR Controller - Cristian Torz

    Well done Cristian on passing your tower exam! Can't wait to see you online! :cool:
  15. TWR Controller - Hamza Kamran

    Congratulations to Hamza Kamran on attaining his S2 rating. Looking forward to seeing you online Hamza, well done!