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  1. TWR Controller - Adam Holder

    Now this is one passionate controller, congratulations to Adam for completing the S2 assessment today. Enjoy your rating Adam!
  2. JOB OPPORTUNITY - VATPAC Training Staff Member

    Applications for the New Training Team Member closes next Friday.
  3. Congratulations to Nicholas who has recently completed his S3 training. Well done Nicholas and see you online soon!
  4. ENR Controller - Nathan Noble

    Congratulations Nathan on completing the ENR assessment, have fun controlling C1!
  5. ENR Controller - Chris Jesse

    Congratulations Chris on being deemed competent to control C1. Well done!
  6. Brett Cummings - TMA Controller

    Congratulations mate!
  7. JOB OPPORTUNITY - VATPAC Training Staff Member

  8. Ben Kaiser - TMA Student

    Congratulations to Ben who has just received his TMA Student (S3) rating!
  9. New Training Team Member: OPEN Applications are now open for the New Training Team Member. Please see the attached document below for the position description, if this sounds like the role for you please email [email protected] with your application (please see application process first). Role VATPAC ATC Training Team Mentor - TWR, TMA & ENR https://training.vatpac.org/documents/PositionDescriptions/PositionDescription-VATPACMentor.pdf Application Process Members interested in the position should apply by outlining their experience with ATC on VATPAC to the email above. Any applicants with a training background are highly desirable. APPLICATIONS CLOSE AT 2359 ON THE 22ND OF FEBRUARY. The successful applicant(s) will be decided by the the Director of ATC Training and the Deputy Director of ATC Standards. Experienced Training Team Member: CLOSED Applications are currently closed for the Experienced Training Team Member. We are currently reviewing operational needs and will update this section as soon as we have dates planned for the next recruitment. Provide Interest Feel free to provide your interest to the Director of ATC Training on [email protected] Keep an eye on the forums for when the new and experienced training team member positions are open!
  10. Tristan Garratt - TWR Controller

    Congratulations to Tristan who recently completed the tower assessment! Well done Tristan
  11. Congratulations to Nicholas who recently completed the tower assessment! Well done Nicholas
  12. Congratulations to Chriss who recently achieved his ENR Visiting Controller Check! Well done Chriss!
  13. Ethan Barr - TMA Rating

    Congratulations to Ethan who recently achieved his TMA Rating! Well done Ethan!
  14. Congratulations to Bailey who recently achieved the ENR Visiting Controller Check! Well done Bailey!
  15. TMA Controller Liam Neasmith

    A massive congratulations to Liam who recently passed his S3 Rating! Well done Liam