A short summary from VATPAC1

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Tracy Shiffman

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A short summary from VATPAC1
« on: August 10, 2017, 09:46:35 PM »
Hello valued VATPAC family,

I will be brief.
It's been a busy and fatiguing week and I appreciate your patience. That sentiment is sincere. I have been afforded the time and discretion I required to do what I felt needed doing and again, I appreciate it.
I am pleased to report that all positions recently vacated at Board, Senior Staff, and Staff levels have now been filled, or have no immediate need to be filled. Smooth handovers are either scheduled, in progress, or already complete and I personally thank all outgoing staff for making this mass transition much smoother than circumstances arguably warrant.

As VATPAC1, my next priority is to convene an Extraordinary Board Meeting. I expect this to occur on Sunday evening. After that, I hope to convene several Town Hall meetings with different groups, culminating with a general Town Hall Meeting open to the wider VATPAC Membership.

I will report back to you all next week. In the interim, if anyone has anything they feel they would like to discuss with me in private, please email me at director at vatpac dot org.

Tracy Shiffman
Australia Pacific Division