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Blair Shaddock

IT Department

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A lot has been happening in the IT department behind the scenes with a new pathway forward being reached. An announcement at the start of new year is expected to come from the department that establishes a new direction for the department.

Department restructure

With the restructure of VATPAC, the IT department has been looking inward to how it can improve efficiency and capabilities. Two new positions are created within the department, Development Manager and Systems & Support Manager. The latter of the two has already been filled by Sam Wilson and we are looking forward to seeing the capabilities that he will be able to bring to the department.

We are calling for expressions of interest for the Development Manager role. If you are interested, please email [email protected] with a brief description of skills, experience and why you suit the position.

We are also looking for IT developers, if you are interested please send an expression of interest to [email protected].


Move to AWS

A large number of the VATPAC services have been transferred to AWS with only a few services remaining. The remaining services are planned to be transferred over the holiday period.


VATPAC Core v2

We have been looking into upgrades to our web services for VATPAC Core v2, expecting to use Amazon’s Web Services (AWS). Core v2 will be the backend of VATPAC’s services, and it will be the one place for all management and permissions. By using AWS, we are able to have:

- Lower management costs, as we are paying by usage rather than a fixed fee

- Greater security and privacy, with Amazon’s own dedicated issues management team and superior storage of confidential data by AWS

- Serverless Architecture, meaning Amazon finds the best available server to serve the requested content 

- Greater efficiency, with faster response times from AWS servers and negligible downtime

- Easier management, as AWS services are all managed by one simple control panel, as well as the ability to dynamically change server requirements.

At the moment, we are looking to move VATPAC Core onto AWS services which will allow for a trial of AWS. This also removes some workload off the Vultr server, and may allow for a downgrade in Vultr to save costs. VATPAC Core v2 will also allow for better interactivity with the community and better extensibility for third parties and API access.


Pilot Assist and vatSys

We are currently developing the new Pilot Assist and ensuring Vatpac's IT infrastructure will support the new vatSys Client! 

Unfortunately due the voluntary nature of VATPAC staff, progress on pilot assist has significantly slowed. We are looking to further push the project capabilities with the beginning of the year.

We are also working with the members of the vatSys team to ensure it is fully supported by the IT Department and Operations Department for full release.



VATPAX is under redevelopment! We are looking for more developers to dedicate time on this project. If you are interested please send an expression of interest email to Tom Grozev on [email protected]


Tom Grozev

Director of Technology
VATSIM Australia Pacific

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