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Blair Shaddock

Airspace and Publications Department

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The operations department have been working hard on several projects over the last few months, including finalizing vatSys sector files and update integration, alongside updating several documents including Local Instructions, vMATS, and policy changes. On top of this, the Operations team worked hard to build and update the sector files for World-Flight, ensuring that the controller team were able to easily manage the vast amounts of traffic.

As always, the operations team is always looking for people who are passionate and would like to assist the team. If you think you have what it takes to help manage the Airspace over the VATPAC sky, send an email to [email protected]; we would love to have you on board!

Projects last 3 months

-          Worldflight updates, including adding radar sites, updating sector files, and reviewing frequencies.

-          Pacific region SID/STAR & Airspace review.

-          AIRAC 2013 released with minor updates to Australian RNAV points.

Ongoing projects (next 1 – 2 months)

-          YBBN & YMML Local Instruction review being completed as a priority with an expectation of release late January.

-          Controller Position & Rating Policy under review with changes being proposed to make clearer the non-standard position guidelines.

Future Projects (next 3 months)

-          vMATS annual review to be carried out, making use of the real-world MATS provided by ASA.

-          Controller Position and Frequency audit to better align with real world procedures.


Ryan McDonald 

Acting Director of Airspace and Publications
VATSIM Australia Pacific

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