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Zach Biesse-Fitton

Milk Run Monday Rostering Returns

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Hi Everyone,

I am pleased to advise that the rostering of standard and some non-standard positions during Milk Run Monday will return to VATPAC. The goal of this system is to provide a fair and equitable system, whereby all controllers get the opportunity to be involved in the higher-traffic-level event, without needing to login at 4pm.

ATC positions will be rostered from 7pm until 10pm (Eastern Standard Time) or 0900z until 1200z.

We will be rostering the following positions:


All other standard positions are "first in, first serve", as per normal procedures. Other non-standard positions MAY be active by a senior controller or VATPAC staff, as per the Controller Position and Ratings Policy.

How to apply?

Visit and apply to control the Milk Run up to 2 weeks in advance.

We will endeavour to make the system as equal as possible and feedback can be directed to director[at] via email, or via the website.

Please Note: Milk Run on the 14th of September will not be rostered. Rostering will commence for Milk Run Monday 21st September.


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Rostering Clarification & Adherance

  • The roster is published on the Sunday evening prior to the Monday Milk Run Event.
  • Positions are rostered from 0900z until 1200z.
  • A rostered controller does not need to log on at their rostered time, but once logged in is expected they fulfill the rostered time (i.e until 1200z).
  • If a rostered position is not yet occupied, any appropriately qualified controller may login to that position until such time that the rostered person is ready to login (coordinate as appropriate).
  • Issues with rostering should be reported to a VATPAC staff member or via email to director[at]


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