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Joshua Micallef

28SEP20 | Spilled Milk Run - Cairns & Port Moresby

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It is that time of the month again! VATPAC invites you to the next installment of Milk Run Monday! This week we are heading to the Tropical North of Australia!

Fly between Cairns International Airport (YBCS) and Port Moresby Airport (AYPY) between 0800z - 1200z with the expectation of full ATC services throughout the event!

Traffic for these events tends to build at around 6PM AEST and tends to peek from 8-9PM AEST. ATC Positions will be scarce! Float around the discord if you are available to control and we may even open some Non Standard ENR & TMA Splits for you all to enjoy!


Here are some recommended routes for you to fly! Remember you can fly to and from every airport in between!





Prefer to control during this event? Positions are often scares so be sure to float around on the discord to check when positions become available! Remember there are non-standard positions that can be opened should you be looking to join in on the fun (see a C3 or Senior Staff Member for authorisation to open them!!!) - Non-Standard Positions are noted with * beside the callsign.

Login Identifier: Radio Callsign: Frequency:
AYPY_GND Port Moresby Ground 121.700
AYPY_TWR Port Moresby Tower 118.100
AYPY_APP Port Moresby Approach 125.800
CS_DEL Cairns Delivery 128.750
CS_GND Cairns Ground 121.7
CS_TWR Cairns Tower 124.900
CS_APP Cairns Approach 118.400
CS_DEP* Cairns Approach 126.100
BN-TBP_CTR Brisbane Centre 120.550
BN-ARA_CTR Brisbane Centre 133.700
AYPM_CTR Moresby Control 123.400



YBCS - Cairns Airport
Payware - ORBX (FSX/P3D)
Freeware - AVSIM (FSX/P3D)
Freeware - FSClips (xPlane)

AYPY - Port Moresby
Payware - ORBX (FSX/P3D)
Freeware - AVSIM (FSX)
Freeware - xPlane


We are always looking for feedback about our events! Email [email protected] or visit https://feedback.vatpac.org

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