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Greg Barber

Thank you for your service

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To the valuable members of VATSIM Australia Pacific,

I wanted to take this opportunity to announce that Harrison Scott recently provided notification to the remaining Board members that he does not intend to continue in the role of VATPAC Director Operations effective immediately.  This decision has been under consideration for a while although the recent departure of Callum from Director Division was a determining factor on the timing of this announcement.

Speaking on behalf of the Board, I would like to recognise the efforts of both Callum and Harrison.  

Harrison has been nothing but professional in his execution of a role that is one of the more difficult roles in the division.  Operations involves a lot of data, documentation and what could only be described as rather boring and unrewarding work, however he has managed to effectively lead his team in a time of major change within VATPAC and VATSIM.  Thank you for a fine job Harrison and I (and I am sure the remainder of the VATPAC staff) wish you well for the future.

Callum came on board as VATPAC1 just over 12 months ago and hit the ground running to move the Division forward and build on the development of his temporary predecessor.  Through his tenure he has built a strong team and oversaw the implementation of major change including but not limited to Audio for VATSIM (something that many will be unaware involved considerable manual labour), the new and much more functional (so far) VATPAC Discord Server and laying the  groundwork in bringing about an all new controller client for your region.  Part of the reason for the somewhat deflated feeling within the senior staff team in recent days is brought on by the fact that Callum was in some resects the glue that kept us coming back to the table engaged and motivated to moving the division's policies forward to bring a more inclusive and active community together.

Again, Thank you for your efforts and I hope to see you return to the VATPAC staff team soon, where I expect you have a lot more to contibute.

Greg Barber
VATPAC Non-Executive Director

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