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NOTAM - AIRAC2006 Sector File and Client Installer Downloads


The VATPAC Operations Department has updated the sector files, Euroscope Client Installer and Controller Client Updater. The version released today is AIRAC 2006, effective on the 21st May 2020.

The sector files provided support both the Virtual Radar Client and the Euroscope Client.

Introduced in this AIRAC are major changes to Brisbane SID/STAR's which include those for RWY 19L/R and RWY 01L/R. Furthermore, the sectorfiles include the new ground layout for Brisbane which includes the parallel runway. Currently the runway is closed and is scheduled to be opened on the 12th July 2020. Controllers should not assign Runway 01L/19R to any aircraft except where the pilot has specifically requested Runway 01L/19R. Controllers may indicate in their ATIS "Runway 01L/19R available on request". Please note, pilots will already have the new runway SID's/STAR's in their aircraft FMC's and some may also have the new scenery. Therefore, it can be expected that during controlled and uncontrolled operations some pilots may wish to operate on the runway. 

Official information regarding the opening of the RWY will be released via NOTAM following the real world opening.  


  • Brisbane airport layout and SID/STARs
  • Continental Australia Class E LL now FL 125 instead of FL 180
  • Sunshine Coast Class C and D boundaries
  • Brisbane and Gold Coast Approach Boundaries
  • Removal of Sunshine Coast 12-30 Runway
  • New Class E levels for Ayres Rock
  • Townsville Class C, E and Terrain labels updated
  • Hobart Runway 30 extended




Director, Operations – [email protected]


This NOTAM will self cancel on 13th August 2020.

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Please note that if you downloaded the sector files before 0500z yesterday you will need to re-download the files above due to a minor amendment.  Provided you have the Euro scope Client Updater the update will automatically be downloaded. 

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