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Sam Hall

[20JAN20 - 26JAN20] Iron Mic Perth

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Welcome to the latest VATPAC Iron Mic attempt featuring Perth. Perth is the gateway to Western Australia which features a vast array of international and domestic destinations, many of which are mining locations in regional WA. With such a variety of routes to choose from there is somewhere to fly for everyone!


The following positions will be the primary positions:






To give us the best chance possible, please logon to the above positions at Perth prior to occupying others. Remember, there are no reserved positions so if one of the above positions is available, logon!


What is Iron Mic?

Iron Mic is a weekly competition that VATSIM holds to recognises the positions with the most hours logged on the network. It is broken into 3 categories; TWR, APP and CTR. The position in each category that logs the most online hours over a 7 day period wins the Iron Mic.

Iron Mic runs from 0000z on Monday to 2359z on Sunday (0859 Monday AEDT)

How do we know about our progress?


Click on this link (http://fsmine.dhis.org/stats/showstats.cgi) to view all the VATSIM ATC stats for the week.


Remember, our aim is to keep the TWR, APP and CTR positions open as much as possible. Coordinate with other controllers to ensure maximum coverage of the Perth positions. You can do this on Facebook, Discord or the forums.


VATSIM has set out a few rules regarding Iron Mic which can be viewed here https://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=11100


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Good Luck VATPAC!

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