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Harrison Scott

NOTAM: VATSPY and ServInfo AIRAC1911

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NOTAM - VATSPY and ServInfo AIRAC1911


In light of the recent AFv changes in regards to sector extensions. The VATPAC Operations department has released an updated set of VATSPY and ServInfo files.  You may download the files via the following two links below. Instructions on how to update the files can be found here.


When extending sectors on AFV, instead of using the controller's primary frequency across all extended sectors, the controller now uses the frequency assigned to each standard sector. For example, if ML-SNO_CTR is logged in and is extending to WOL, the controller will be transmitting  and receiving on both 124.0 (SNO) and 125.0 (WOL).

Therefore, aircraft in WOL will be out of range of the SNO frequency and will need to tune the WOL frequency (125.0) to contact the controller. 

The new pilot clients only display the controllers primary frequency, not the extended enroute frequencies the controller has cross coupled to his primary frequency. 

We have updated the VATSPY and ServInfo files to assist in pilot's knowing the next en-route frequency. Examples of how this works has been attached below.

You are flying in the Katomba sector (YKAT) and ML-SNO_CTR is logged in and is extending to WOL. If you hover your mouse over YKAT in VATSpy or InfoServ you will see:

  • Melbourne (Katomba) 133.5* (125.0) FIR, Australia

This tells you that Katomba is a non-standard sector (the* indicates this) and the frequency to use to contact the controller is the frequency for the standard sector Katomba is part of :- 125.0 (WOL).

If during an event Katomba has been activated with ML-KAT_CTR logged in, you would use Katomba's dedicated frequency 133.5.

If you hover you mouse over YWOL you will see:

  • Melbourne (Wollongong) 125.0 FIR, Australia

This tells you WOL is a standard sector with the frequency 125.0 and all the other non-standard sectors that are part of WOL will have (125.0) in their name.

Whilst the web pages are being updated, links to the updated files are;


Director Operations - [email protected]


This NOTAM does not self-cancel.

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Unfortunately I made an error in both the VATSpy and ServInfo files (CVN was not part of DOS) published in the NOTAM above.

This has been fixed and the files on the server and in the NOTAM links above have been replaced.

If you downloaded the files since the publishing of the NOTAM above and before  0725Z 22 Oct 2019, please download them again.

My apologies for any inconvenience.

Edited by Peter Story
Vatspy was also missing the SYD Director positions
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