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Peter Story

Updates to Local Instructions

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The following Local Instructions have been updated with new formatting and the key changes noted below

  • Adelaide: Navaids, STARs, separation requirements for curfew operations and 2400m reduced runway
  • Brisbane: Operation¬†Positions, Navaids, SMC maneuvering area, YBAF aerodrome control, TMA airspace administration
  • Canberra: TMA airspace upper limit amended to FL245. Departure coordination with ENR no longer required. Assignment of a STAR for aircraft departing to Sydney not required.
  • Cairns: Navaids, VFR procedures
  • Sydney: VTC diagrams

These updated instructions are available on the documents page

I would like to thank Eoin Motherway, Blake Hendrie, Greg Barber and Tristan Garratt for their great work in updating these local instructions

Updates for Perth and Melbourne will be available shortly

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