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Callum Strawbridge

Aloha from VATPAC1

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Hello Everyone,


Firstly, I would like to take the time to thank David Zhong who has maintained a stable community for our members to enjoy. Without his continued efforts I’m sure the division and the community would not be in the place it is today.


Today David and I met to discuss current affairs of VATPAC and what current projects are underway after which I was given the responsibility of Division Director.


As an introduction to those of you who don’t not know me, my name is Callum Strawbridge. I’ve worked in the Aviation industry for over 5 years and have been involved in Aviation far longer. My VATSIM Journey began in January 2011 where I’ve held positions within VATSIM Australia Pacific (ATC Training, Operations & Events), VATSIM South East Asia (Training) and VATSIM (Social Media).


In the preceding years that followed my appointment, the VATPAC community has been subjected to some difficult times. With this in mind came my motive to apply for the Director Of Division position as I have first hand experience and knowledge on the events which have occurred and from that have a vision in mind to ensure the future growth and stability of the division. I want you to know that I have been through all of the recent events with you, I understand what went wrong, what didn’t work and what we can do better. It’s important to note though that I cannot achieve this overnight and cannot achieve it alone.


The decision to apply for Director Of Division is something that I and the people who applied as well as the selection committee doesn’t take lightly and I would personally like to thank all who applied and those who took the time to Interview and select.


So, What is going to happen from here?

As I mentioned above, as a community, we have been through some turbulent times over the past few years. This has lead to plenty of questions about the leadership of VATPAC, VATOCE and even VATSIM. I have been involved in a lot of these events and can safely say, they are over. I have full confidence in the team at VATSIM and VATSIM Oceania, having seen many of the changes happening behind the scenes. I am also excited to work with Alan and the VATPAC Board to bring the division back to the friendly, helpful, energetic and professional community it used to be.


I will be working with the VATPAC Board to ensure each department has a plan for the next 12 months. This will ensure we stay on target to give the community the best service we can. We will be filling the recently announced resignations as quickly as possible to ensure each department has strong leadership. If you are interested in applying for these positions, once they open, please put your hand up. I would love to see some people putting their hands up who haven’t before or perhaps people who used to hold roles at VATPAC.


I also believe one of the best things we can do to show you that we care is being more transparent. I would like to start by bringing back the VATPAC Newsletter. Once a month, we will publish the newsletter to the mailing list (available on the VATPAC Homepage) and forums which will include an update on what your Divisional team is working on. It is also an opportunity for us to get out information and changes from VATSIM and VATSIM Oceania in a more interactive format. I will be working with the VATPAC Board and will update you with more information on the newsletter in the future.


In the next couple of months, we will also be publishing a survey for all previous, current and potential future members. The goal of this survey will be to create a plan for the future that is in touch with the community. I'll publish further information on the survey soon and hope we can get as many responses as possible from the membership, the results of which will be published.


Where do I see the community?


I've changed quite a lot over the years. I started out with a pretty big ego (a common trait). I’m not going to deny I didn’t cause some trouble in my early days but having grown up, I have changed into the easy going, laid back person I am today. I live life as it comes and treat everyone equally. I want to see this community return to the way it was when I started, supportive and forgiving. I feel there is a word that keeps popping into my mind that sums up how I believe the VATPAC community should be.


Defined: “Mateship is an Australian cultural idiom that embodies equality, loyalty and friendship.”


I know that we have lots of people in the community of different ages, backgrounds, languages and maturity levels. It costs nothing to be kind to everyone. Something that popped into my head while on holiday (I’m currently in Hawaii) was how you can go anywhere around the world, and spot an Aussie. You can say G’day, have a chat, and instantly, that sense of mateship is there. I would love for VATPAC to get back to a place where that is the case. That relies on everyone working together, being friendly, offering to share knowledge and help each other out.


Finally, I know everyone says this, but I genuinely want you to know. My door will always be open for everyone, regardless of who you are.


I look forward to working with each and every person of this community we love to make VATPAC the great place it once was, again.




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