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Tom Grozev

VATPAC Server Issues Resolved

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Over the past few days, the VATSIM Australia server had been experiencing issues and was intermittently unavailable. After a few modifications to how both the server and the VATPAC web server are managed, we believe to have resolved the issues.


More specifically, the connection drops were purely to do with the connection between the server and the outside world. The bandwidth pipe had seemed to be overloaded by other traffic and in an effort to reduce the network traffic, the VATPAC TeamSpeak server is no longer running on the same server as the VATSIM Australia FSD server. Instead, the TeamSpeak server is running independently to these services.


In regards to the future of TeamSpeak, the board is meeting in the near future to discuss VATPAC's voice communication services, including the results of the survey.


Currently, the TeamSpeak is fully operational and all services are back to normal with a few quality and assurance additions in the background. If you continue to experience any issues, the voice server is the designated backup and will remain so in the case of any future mishaps.


If you have any questions or are still having issues, please contact me at [email protected].

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