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David Zhong

Notice of Town Hall Meeting - 7 April 2019

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Town Hall Meeting
Sunday 7 April 2019 at 1030 UTC/2030 AEST/2000 ACST/1730 AWST
Via Teamspeak

  1. Call to Order / Welcome
  2. Board to present 2019 plan
  3. Questions to the board

If you have any questions that you would like the Board to answer, you can either mail them to me at director at vatpac dot org or ask them during the Q&A. 

We will publish a list of answers to questions in writing so that is a way to get your question in if you can't attend.

Please note that in daylight savings states, daylight savings ends on this day. All times listed above are in standard time.

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Please note that the agenda has been added and timing corrected to account for the end of daylight savings.

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Thanks to all that attended. Some of the highlights from last night...

Q: are there plans for the smaller procedural airports to have local instructions?
A: Yes, but not at the top of the list

Q: What does the non exec directors do
A: We currently have a young but passionate executive team leading the organisation. The role of the non execs is to support that team by providing them with guidance and wisdom and challenge their ideas.

Q: Are there any plans for implementing a training system where controllers may access their own training notes and or use a roster a roster such as seeing other controllers and what rating they are
A: Yes, we are developing a system that will allow students to access their training record. A controller roster will not be developed as this duplicates CERT. Members can access the latter by contacting VATSIM Membership.

Q: Can e.g. a centre controller access tower information in Moodle without having to enrol in each course? E.g. quick reference guide as PDF
A: We will explore this

Q: Is there any plans for doing any Iron Mic's for pacific area airports such as Fiji, New Cali, Vanauatu and PNG airports?
A: Yes, this is in consideration

Q: Would the training department contemplate making the Procedural endorsement one that you have to do at least one sweatbox with? If I had done a sweatbox rather than just an exam or even mentoring sessions that would have been extremely useful.
A: We are considering this at the moment

Q: Any updates on discord
A: A survey has been done recently on community views. The Board is continuing to consider this issue and there are a number of matters that the Board requires to be resolved before making a decision including how moderation will be improved.

Q: Any updates on new codec
A: VATSIM has announced that an open beta will commence soon. Applications are currently open to join this beta program.


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