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Callum Strawbridge

[19AUG18 0400 - 0800Z] Panic Stations Launceston & Hobart

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About Panic Stations


The idea is devilishly simple. Get as many aircraft as possible to try and arrive at a destination airport, touching down at the same time.


It's up to ATC to sort it out and ensure correct procedures and separation standards are adhered to at all times. The first jet and non-jet aircraft to touch down at/after the target time enjoy bragging rights....until the next Panic Stations.


Pilots can expect non-standard arrivals, plenty of holding and/or speed restrictions. Controllers can expect to work hard, often in non-standard or non-radar positions. It is an extremely satisfying experience as a controller sitting back after a Panic Stations event having adhered to published standards and procedures at all times.


This Panic Stations will be a little different. We're featuring 2 procedural airports! Come along as we shift the focus to Tasmania. With double the chance of winning, where will you be flying?


ATC Details


Due to the small amount of ATC Positions at Launceston & Hobart, We will also be staffing up Melbourne! ATC Applications are now open through the Panic Stations website and close on Friday 10th August. 

The following positions are currently planned to be rostered however if demand requires, it is likely that an additional non-standard Launceston or ML-TAS position will be opened on the day to assist with clearance and holding. 














Full details, pilot briefing and charts available at https://panic.vatpac.org/

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