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[Spilled Milk Run Monday - 28th April, 2014]

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Reminder - This event is the inaugural Lemon Air event.


To register your interest in being assigned an emergency for the event, send an email to vatpac5 at vatpac dot org with your name, and the aircraft you will be flying on the night.


You may also request a specific emergency with your expression of interest, or be assigned one on the night....up to you :)



Registering your interest in handling an emergency does not guarantee you will be assigned one. It will depend on traffic conditions and is at the sole discretion of the Director of Events and Communications on the night.


Pilots who register their interest MUST be connected to Teamspeak during the event.


During this event, emergencies may only be declared by those pilots who have been assigned an emergency. Any other pilot declaring an emergency will be asked to either cancel the emergency, or to complete their flight offline.


ANY pilot may fly on the night using a Lemon Air callsign (LMNxxx ).

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Note to pilots: Just as in real life, you will not have any advance warning of your emergency. You may be assigned your emergency at ANY stage of your flight. As soon as you are assigned your emergency, you are expected to implement it as soon as practicable.


Ensure you are flying with a Lemon Air callsign (LMNxxx).....1 exception to this has been granted.....you know who you are :)


Ensure you have /OPR Lemon Air in your flight plan remarks.


Ensure you are available on Teamspeak throughout your flight.


Note for ATC: Consider things such as which emergencies take priority over others and how would you handle a closed runway?


Requests to be added to the pool of pilots who would like an assigned emergency will be accepted up until the event start time via my VATPAC5 email.

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And another note for all. Phraseology. Know what to say and when to say it. Especially pilots. You will be given the emergency, but it will be up to you to come up with the details that make up everything ATC will need to know. Be imaginative! :teeth:

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