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    Event Details Simulation Date/Time : Current date set to daylight. Weather : Real World / Fair weather if real world is unsuitable for VFR operations. Distance : 230 nm Est Flight Time : approx 120 mins Aircraft : Single or twin turbine engine aircraft such as Pilatus PC12, Beechcraft King Air or similar capable of 205 to 250 kias. Altitude : Up to 9500ft Flightplan File as : YPAG YQRN YHAW YRYK YWPD YBLM YBLC YARK YNPU YLEC GPS Flightplan is available for FSX and X-Plane FMS and also provided is the original Plan-G flightplan for those that find this useful all enclosed within a Zip archive. Navigation : Pilots familiar with the area can navigate visually, for those less familiar the accompanying GPS Flightplan is the recommended method of navigating the flight plan. Communications Australia uses CTAF (Common Traffic Advisory Frequency) for radio comms at uncontrolled airfields. Now that VATSIM has introduced AFV (Audio For VATSIM) CTAF can now be used across all VATSIM approved pilot clients. Pilots are requested to tune to the published frequency as detailed in the flight details for an event when operating in or around an aerodome to make and monitor CTAF broadcasts. Pilots should also be aware that it is a VATSIM COC (Code of Conduct) requirement that all pilots at uncontrolled airfields should monitor Unicom (Australia 122.80). It is highly recommended that pilots ensure that at least one of their "on board" COM radios (COM 2 being the most likely) is tuned to receive unicom transmissions in addition to transmitting and receiving on the published CTAF frequency. Please Note. All pilots should also be vigilant regarding the receipt of text on both unicom and CTAF. If it is discovered there is a pilot participating that is unable to receive voice transmissions, pilots should arrange to also broadcast via text to ensure those pilots without the benefit of voice is able to receive appropriate broadcasts. VATSIM provides an update guide for getting AFV working on each of the approved pilot clients. Recommended Scenery FSX / P3D ORBX Australia ANTS AUSSIE AIRPORTS OZX 3.5 AU Scenery OZX Libraries 1.2 (required for all OZX scenery) X-Plane 10/11 Bazz's Australian and PNG Scenery for X-Plane Flight Details PORT AUGUSTA [YPAG] Takeoff elev : 56 rwy : 15/33 asphalt CTAF : 126.70 QUORN [YQRN] T&G - H-054° D-23 (Scenery not depicted in P3D) elev : 881 rwy : 18/36 dirt CTAF : 126.70 HAWKER [YHAW] T&G - H-025° D-34 (Scenery not depicted in P3D) elev : 1052 rwy : 18/36 asphalt CTAF : 126.70 RAWNSLEY PK STN [YRYK] T&G - H-023° D-14 elev : 1384 rwy : 03/21 dirt CTAF : 126.70 WILPENA POUND [YWPD] T&G - H-358° D-8 elev : 1707 rwy : 10/28 dirt CTAF : 126.70 AROONA CREEK Overfly - H-340° D-11 PARACHILNA GORGE ROAD Overfly - H-327° D-14 BLINMAN [YBLM] T&G - Follow Parachilna Gorge Road D-13 (Scenery not depicted in P3D) elev : 1972 rwy : 14/32 04/22 dirt CTAF : 126.70 BALCANOONA [YBLC] T&G - H-034° D-47 (Scenery not depicted in P3D) elev : 474 rwy : 05/23 asphalt CTAF : 126.70 ARKAROOLA [YARK] T&G - H-356° D-8 elev : 797 rwy : 03/21 dirt CTAF : 126.70 NEPABUNNA [YNPU] T&G - H-235° D-26 (Scenery not depicted in P3D) elev : 1886 rwy : 5/23 dirt CTAF : 126.70 LEIGH CREEK [YLEC] Land - H-262° D-25 elev : 856 rwy : 11/29ns asphalt rwy : 02ns/20 bitumen CTAF : 126.70 NDB : LEC LEIGH CREEK 287.0 Chart
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