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  1. ENR Controller - Sam Keast

    Congratulations to Sam Keast who recently demonstrated his ability to separate aircraft he can't see! (Plus all the other stuff ) Coming to a Centre near you!
  2. WorldFlight 2019 03NOV-09NOV19 AEDT

    Welcome to WorldFlight 2019! Worldflight Australia is a virtual round the world flight to raise money for the Australian Royal Flying Doctor Service. The concept of a virtual, round the world flight for charity was started by a team in the United Kingdom and has spawned an annual event with participants all over the globe. World Flight Australia was started in 2001 and over the years, World Flight Australia teams have raised over $220,000 for the RFDS, helping with the costs of avionics and providing funding for Fly Around Clinics in the essential Air Ambulances used to ferry nurses, doctors and patients around rural Australia. VATPAC Provides ATC within the VATPAC Airspace during Worldflight. Worldflight departs and arrives in Sydney each year usually travelling through several airports within VATPAC Airspace. This year, the teams will travel through Sydney, Darwin and Cairns on their venture around the world. Departing Sydney at 0900 AEDT Sunday, there will be over 100 aircraft joining in on the journey across the Ditch to Christchurch, New Zealand. You're invited to come along as a pilot, or apply to be rostered as an Air Traffic Controller. With insane amount of traffic levels, everyone will need to work together to ensure a professional, friendly and as on time as possible service. All the details you need to know will be posted over the next week so keep an eye out on the official event site and the VATPAC NOTAMS system/forum. We'll publish pilot and ATC briefings to ensure everyone has a detailed understanding of the procedures that we'll be using during the event. VATPAC will be providing ATC for the departure legs from 2030z - 0230z to cover those flying earlier and later than the departure time of 2200z. ATC Applications are now open. You can apply at the official VATPAC event site.
  3. Audio for VATSIM Weekend Update

    VATSIM wants to thank you for the unprecedented interest, traffic levels, and support we have seen since the launch of Audio for VATSIM on Monday. As we head into our first weekend using our new technology, we are taking some actions to maintain the stability of the voice servers while we continue to isolate and correct an issue that arises when VATSIM exceeds just over 1,000 simultaneous connections. This is not related to server capacity itself, of which we have plenty. As a result of this issue, we will be continuing with a connection limit on each server of 147 simultaneous connections through the weekend. This means that VATSIM will be limited to a maximum of 1,036 simultaneous connections across the 7 servers. We fully anticipate that we will hit this number a few times throughout the weekend. We do not expect there to be extended times where the VATSIM connection cap is reached, but there could be times where a single server’s connection cap could be reached. If you encounter this situation, you will receive an error message stating “There are too many users already connected to your chosen server. Please choose another server to connect to VATSIM.” The solution is to check the servers tab of your VATSIM map to see which server has space and try connecting to that server. Note that your server location will have no effect on your VATSIM experience - the voice servers sit separately to the network servers so delay is not affected by you connecting to a server further away from your location. In order for all who would like to use VATSIM over this weekend to have the opportunity, we need your help and cooperation by complying with these requests. Upon completion of a flight, users are requested to immediately disconnect instead of staying connected while idle at a gate to listen to the traffic. In the same vein, users are requested not to connect to VATSIM until they are ready to file their flight plan and receive clearance. If you are doing a longer haul flight and anticipate the need for an extended step away, please disconnect from VATSIM. Not only is this part of the Code of Conduct, but with limited connection availability it allows those actively using the network to connect. Supervisors have been advised to disconnect users who have stepped away whilst in an active Air Traffic Controller’s airspace and do not respond quickly per CoC B3. Air Traffic Controllers are requested to consider giving up their sessions to another qualified controller who wants to control the same position if the controller has been on position for 2 hours or more. Please ensure that the controller relieving you has successfully connected prior to disconnecting so your position does not go offline and is unable to get another controller online. Air Traffic Controllers are also asked to not transmit and receive on multiple frequencies. Each controller may transmit and receive on only one frequency unless temporarily relieving another controller in the top down hierarchy Where we reach server capacity, VATSIM may suspend voice ATIS connections and observer connections in favor of having slots available for active controller and pilot connections. Such messages will be broadcast to all users on the network. Should you receive such a broadcast, Air Traffic Controllers are requested to disconnect their ATIS messages and proceed using a text only ATIS and Observers are requested to log off and reconnect as a Pilot or Air Traffic Controller or continue their observing session at a later time. We want all of VATSIM’s members to have an enjoyable first weekend on Audio for VATSIM and regret that we must keep these connection limits in place. However as this issue results in instability of the Audio for VATSIM infrastructure when above 1,000 users, it’s a step that must be taken to ensure all connected users have a seamless experience. The Audio for VATSIM team is working diligently to solve this issue and we will eliminate the connection cap as soon as we are able. Should that happen this weekend, we will communicate the change with you via network broadcast and social media posts. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation with these requests. Enjoy the first VATSIM Weekend with Audio for VATSIM!
  4. Q3 Divisional Quarterly Report

    Hi Everyone, The Quarterly report for Q3 is available for viewing. Thanks, Callum
  5. TWR Controller - Bill Kranias

    Congratulations to Bill who recently gained his S2 rating! Coming soon to a tower near you
  6. ENR Controller - Ashot Hakobyan

    Congratulations to Ashot who recently flew through his Enroute Exam! Coming to a Centre Position near you. Great work
  7. Expression of Interest: Discord Moderator

    The VATPAC Discord will be returning shortly and we are now looking for potential candidates to assist in the moderation of the service as a Discord Moderator. We'll be moderating Discord differently to how we moderate Teamspeak to ensure consistency and fairness. One major change to the moderation process is the enlistment of Designated Discord Moderators. VATPAC General Staff and Senior Staff are not entitled to this automatically and will be required to apply through the same process as community members. VATPAC Directors will hold the role of Discord Moderator. You do not need to be a member of VATPAC Staff to apply to be a Discord Moderator. We're looking for candidates who are actively involved in the community, are committed to the online safety of everyone (including minors) and are willing to assist others with navigating the Discord server. Reports To The VATPAC Discord Administrator The VATPAC Discord Administrator is an Executive Board Member appointed by the VATPAC Board who is responsible for the overall Administration of the server. The purpose of a Discord Moderator is to assist in the day to day administration of the server and where required, refer cases to the Discord Administrator. Duties Regularly monitor the voice and text channels of the VATPAC Discord Where required, moderate the voice and text channels of the VATPAC Discord in accordance with the VATPAC Discord Policy and Moderator Guidelines Escalate issues where required to the VATPAC Discord Administrator Assist in conflict resolution between Discord Users Assist other Discord users with using the server Act in accordance with the Expectations of Staff Policy Essential Criteria Be a VATPAC Discord User (When Discord Launches) Be in good standing with VATPAC Be 16 years or older Be an active member of VATSIM & VATPAC for at least one (1) year Be familiar with the VATSIM CoC and Divisional Policies How to apply Members who are interested in being considered for this role should send a brief application addressing their suitability and experience to [email protected] by 2359 AEST on Sunday 8th September 2019.
  8. Reissue - Expression of Interest: I.T Developer

    The VATPAC I.T team has a long road ahead with various updates to current systems and new implementations planned. Due to the amount of work planned, we're seeking interest from potential candidates within the community to join the team as an I.T Developer. Becoming a member of the VATPAC I.T team allows you to expand your skill set with the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects in varying areas of the community. Reports to As an I.T Developer you'll report directly to the VATPAC Director, I.T. Duties Include Assist in the development of web, desktop and back-end based applications that will ultimately enhance the VATPAC I.T infrastructure Liaise with the Director, I.T and/or Deputy Director, I.T to set and meet deadlines and targets for assigned project Ensure all projects are compliant with GDPR, VATPAC Data Handling Policy and VATPAC Privacy Policy requirements Work closely in a team to deliver new projects to the VATPAC community Maintain VATPAC's I.T systems as required by the Director, I.T Assist other departments with I.T related queries and projects Assist in maintaining the VATPAC I.T Helpdesk Essential Criteria Include Be a member of good standing Be able to work well in a team in a voluntary organisation Have good problem-solving skills and are able to 'think outside the box' A candidate applying for this position will preferably Be a general member of VATPAC for six months at the time of application. Be able to provide an example/portfolio of previous work. Have good knowledge in one or more of the following Web (HTML, CSS, JS) Backend (PHP, Ruby On Rails, NodeJS, Python) Angular CLI Window Applications (C++, C#, etc.) Support/Administration How to Apply Members who'd like to submit their interest for the role can do so by outlining any experience and suitability with links to any previous work. Expressions of interest should be sent via email to [email protected] APPLICATIONS ARE IN STRICTEST CONFIDENCE. Applications Close 23:59z, November 17th, 2019.
  9. Appointment: VATPAC Director, Operations

    It's with great pleasure that I announce Harrison Scott has been appointed by the VATPAC Board as Director, Operations. Harrison has been a member of staff at VATPAC for some time now holding roles in the ATC Training, Operations and I.T departments. During his time on the Board as the I.T Director, Harrison gained an important insight into the day to day operations of VATPAC which, alongside his recent work in Operations, has adequately prepared him to take on a role in the Operations Department. He'll be working closely with Peter Story while a transition occurs. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Peter Story for stepping in as Acting Director. Peter not only kept his own work progressing but also took on the workload of the Operations Director and saw through several projects over the last couple of months including Local Instructions updates, AIRAC1907 + 1909 and work on the Euroscope controller client updater. Peter will stay on-board the team as Deputy Director, AIS, supporting the team as we continue to update and bring new content to the community. Congratulations and welcome to the team Harrison.
  10. Applications Open: VATPAC Director, Operations

    A reminder that applications close for Director, Operations this weekend.
  11. Appointment: VATPAC Director, ATC Training

    It's with great pleasure that I announce Cam Tyson has been appointed as Director, ATC Training. Cam has been a member of the VATPAC and VATNZ training teams over the past 3 years, holding roles as Mentor, Instructor and most recently, Deputy Director, ATC Administration. Throughout his time in ATC Training, he's helped many students achieve their ratings and has always been committed to sharing his knowledge and passion of ATC. Cam has great ambitions for the department which I'm sure he'll discuss in the near future. Daniel Martin is leaving the training department and VATPAC Board due to real world commitments. I'd like to take a moment to thank Daniel, on behalf of the VATPAC Board and community, for all of his hard work. Without the hundreds of hours he dedicated to ensuring all members got quick responses to emails, ensuring all the administrative documentation was filed correctly and for creating and maintaining such a fantastic team of staff, the ATC Training Department would not be as successful as it is now. Welcome to the team Cam!
  12. Update to VATSIM Code of Conduct

    Hi All, Please see the following announcement from the VATSIM Board of Governors. On Monday July 15,2019 at 00:00z an updated version of the VATSIM Code of Conduct will come into effect. This update has been under development for several months. The updates modernize the Code of Conduct to reflect the many years of change on the network. The general intent remains unchanged - members are expected behave in a manner that is respectful and tolerant of others while enjoying their time on VATSIM. The New Code of Conduct can be found at While many of the items in the Code of Conduct have been tweaked or reworded for clarity, most of them are rules that you already know and abide by. Every member should read though the new code of conduct as everyone will be held to it, but here are some of the biggest changes. Members are required to register for VATSIM using their full real names, but now may connect to VATSIM using their full real name, a common shortening of their real name, their given name only, or their VATSIM Certificate ID number VATSIM Members may stream content utilizing VATSIM and persons who intentionally disrupt a stream are subject to immediate suspension. Pilots will be required to be able to comply with hold short instructions, and flying a speed, altitude and heading assigned by Air Traffic Controllers A specific set of restricted callsigns as well as limitations on recreating flights or organizing events recognizing real world disasters or tragedies While Air Traffic Control positions are generally “first come, first served;” a division may set policy for booking a position ahead of time within reasonable limits Please visit the VATSIM General Discussion Forums to ask any questions you might have about any part of the new Code of Conduct. Thank you for your continued participation in VATSIM and we look forward to many more improvements within the coming months! Best Regards, VATSIM’s Board of Governors
  13. Q2 Board Meeting Minutes & Quarterly Report

    Hi All, VATPAC recently held the Q2 Board Meeting on Sunday 7th July. The minutes are now available for review via the VATPAC website here. The Divisional Quarterly report has also been compiled and is available via the same page on the VATPAC website. Thanks for a great quarter everyone! Everyone including pilots, controllers and staff have contributed greatly to the Division over the past 3 months and I look forward to seeing further growth over the next Quarter See you in the skies!
  14. Applications Open: VATPAC Director, Operations

    Applications are now invited from suitably experienced members of the VATPAC division for the position of VATPAC Director, Operations (VATPAC2). Responsible to: VATPAC Director, Division Direct Reports: Deputy Director, Operations AIS Officer AIS Officer, Pacific Area Virtual Airlines Liaison Officer Operations Advisors Duties: Attends periodic VATPAC Board meetings to report on pilot-related issues to act as a liaison between pilots and the VATPAC Board bringing pilot and controller views, complaints, ideas, and proposals to the appropriate Division and Board meetings in order to consistently improve the effectiveness of communications, suitability of new procedures, and overall satisfaction of pilots with ATS provided Assists the Events Director where required in the coordination of Events, Fly-Ins and Group flights in the VATPAC airspace Reports quarterly on activity within the division Liaises with Virtual Airlines for anything they may need from the Division (events, contact information) Maintains an online register of all VATPAC affiliated Virtual Airlines Acts as the Division's Point-of-contact for VATSIM's main VA Coordinator Stay abreast of real world issues which may involve VATPAC airspace Coordinates the personnel and activities of the VATPAC AIS Team Monitors VATPAC policy change proposals as they affect pilots Liaises closely with the Director, ATC Training on operational matters affecting pilots and controllers Stays abreast of current issues and contributes to discussions and dissemination of information within the VATPAC and VATSIM community as they affect pilots Monitor facilities and accuracy of the ATC Clients to the TAAATS specification. Maintains an online presence of 10-15 hours per month on the VATSIM Network Essential Criteria: Consistently active participation in the greater VATPAC community for the last 2 years Be a member of good standing in VATSIM for more than one year at the time of application Have a good rapport with VATSIM pilots and maintain this rapport throughout their tenure Be rated on VATSIM to no less than Enroute Controller Level (C1) Have good knowledge of the VATSIM Code of Conduct and Code of Regulations Have proven ability in the management of a small group of people Be able to work well within a voluntary organisation Have proven ability with the use of Flight Simulation, VATSIM Approved Pilot and ATC Client Software How to Apply: Members interested in being considered for the role should apply by outlining their experience and suitability, addressing each of the essential criteria listed above. Applications should be sent via email to director(at) APPLICATIONS IN STRICTEST CONFIDENCE CLOSE AT 23:59 hours AEST on Sunday 28th July 2019.
  15. Applications Open: VATPAC Director, ATC Training

    A reminder that applications for this position close this weekend. If you're interested in stepping up to help your Division, apply now!