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  1. Chris Hoare - ENR Controller

    A big congratulations to Chris for achieving his C1 controller rating!
  2. Luke Khoo - Tower Controller

    Congratulations to Luke, who just finished his tower rating. Welcome to the ATC ranks!
  3. Bailey Brown - TMA Controller

    Well done to Bailey Brown who completed his TMA rating in early October!
  4. Chris Hoare - TMA Controller

    Well done to Chris who passed his TMA rating a few weeks ago! :cool:
  5. TWR Controller - Blair Shaddock

    Congratulations to Blair who recently achieved his TWR rating.
  6. Statement from VATPAC Board of Directors

    Hi all, Please find a statement from the VATPAC Board of Directors. Redacted at the request of the Regional Director.
  7. TMA Controller - Cristian Torz

    Congratulations to Cristian who, yesterday, achieved his TMA rating.
  8. ATC Positions Milk Run Monday During April

    1.0 INTRODUCTION VATPAC is hosting the usual Monday Milk Run out of Western Australia as part of the focus month. To ensure that the event caters to the (normally) large numbers of members wanting to control, we will be allowing the activation of non-standard position during the Milk Run hours, within the specified limits outlined below. 2.0 ATC CHANGES This is a notice under Paragraph 31, of the Controller Position and Ratings Policy, declaring non-standard positions to be activated. Non-Standard ATC positions listed below are approved to be opened during hours specified. 03 APRIL 0600 UNTIL 1100UTC ML-PIY_CTR (Pingelly) ML-GVE_CTR (Grove) ML-GEL_CTR (Geraldton) ML-LEA_CTR (Leeman) PH_DEP (Departures) KA_GND (Karratha Ground on 123.55) 10 APRIL 0600 UNTIL 1100UTC ML-PIY_CTR (Pingelly) ML-CRS_CTR (Cross) ML-MOR_CTR (Morris) ML-WAR_CTR (Warburton) ML_HYD_CTR (Hyden) PH_DEP (Departures) The Perth TMA Airspace Division (Appendix 2 of the Perth Local Instructions), indicates how the airspace should be split when the PH_DEP is activated, concurrently with PH_APP. No specific documentation will be provided for each non-standard position, but controllers should make use of common sense and coordination during the hours that the non-standard position are approved. 3.0 CANCELLATION This NOTAM self-cancels on 30 APRIL 2017 2359UTC. 4.0 ENQUIRIES Enquiries to be directed to: Greg Barber, Director Peter Adamos, Director ATC Training Trent Hopkinson, Deputy Director Events 5.0 DISTRIBUTION By VATPAC Message Board NOTAMs facility
  9. VATPAX Outage

    Hi all, Over the past ~72 hours, the VATSIM Data Collection System (VDCS) that VATPAC runs had intermittent outages lasting between 1 and 3 hours. We believe we've rectified the problems, but the data lost during this period is un-recoverable, so apologies for that. We aren't sure exactly what caused the problem, but as I mentioned, we believe we have fixed the issue and we will monitor the VDCS over the next few days. Thanks.
  10. TMA Controller - Sean Ladyman

    Congratulations to Sean, who passed his S3 rating this weekend. 8)
  11. TWR Controller - Aidan McCoy

    Congratulations to Aidan who passed his Tower rating on Saturday.
  12. Intermittent Website Outages (next 12 hours)

    Good news - the server migration appears to have fixed all of the underlying errors. Bad news - it will take a few days to ensure everything is back up and running properly.
  13. Intermittent Website Outages (next 12 hours)

    Hi all, Over the past few hours you may have experienced some outages on our main web-server. We are transferring to a different server within the hosting company to fix those pesky 505 errors that have been cropping up. Everything should be back up and running within 12 hours. Note: This is not affecting the VATSIM AUSTRALIA server. I'll update you when everything is all stable.
  14. Brett Vaughan - TMA Controller

    Please join me in congratulating Brett Vaughan who will shortly, pending an upgrade, join the ranks of a TMA controller. We look forward to flying under your radar, Brett!
  15. ATC Assist Enabled

    Hi Everyone, We have enabled ATC assist once again, with a twist...! 8) Thanks to the hard work of Harrison Scott (with help from Eoin and other members of the VATPAC staff team), we've overhauled ATC Assist. With a new TAAATS theme, a whole new functionality and, most importantly, no errors! Check out the new features @! If you have any feedback, please don't hesitate to email [email protected] Thanks and thanks again to Harrison !