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  1. Congratulations to Nicholas who has recently obtained his S2 Tower Rating. well done Nicholas :clap:
  2. Please make welcome our newest Tower Controller Chris Welcome to the team mate
  3. Congratulations to Samuel on obtaining his Tower controller rating, well done Samuel :thumbs:
  4. Please welcome Dennis to the ranks of Tower Controller, Well done and welcome Dennis
  5. Congratualtions to Cody Bush who recently passed his S2 Tower exam. Well done Cody and welcome to the team.
  6. Congratulations to Daryl Mumford who recently obtained his S2 Tower rating. We'll done Daryl and welcome to the ATC team.
  7. Please make welcome our newest controller to the ATC team Steven Popowicz who successfully obtained his S2 Tower Rating. Well done Steven and welcome
  8. Congratulations to Matthew Cruickshank who recently completed his Tower rating. Good work Matthew :clap:
  9. Well done to Levi Quilliam who recently completed his Tower Controller Rating (S2) Congratulations Levi
  10. Congratulation to John on obtaining his Tower Rating. Great work mate
  11. Please make a warm welcome to Marty who has has joined the ranks of a Tower controller. Well done Marty on passing your Tower exam :thumbs:
  12. Congratulations to Hayden on obtaining his Tower rating Well done Hayden on a job well done
  13. Well done to Mitchell Williamson on passing the Tower Course. congrat's on a good job
  14. Congrats to Pheonix-Levi Christensen who has recently passed his Tower exam. Well done :thumbs:
  15. Congratulations Brady on obtaining your tower rating and welcome to the controller ranks :thumbs:
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