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  1. Updated Documents Documents have been updated for AIRAC 1509 and are effective immediately. You can obtain these from the VATPAC website at http://www.vatpac.org/home/index.php/controllers/atc-documents New Documents None Updated Documents ML Local Instructions SY Local Instructions Revoked Documents None Changes Summary 1. Revised coordination requirements between ML APP and ML CEN 2. Added SY TMA internal airspace diagrams All controllers should ensure that they review relevant documentation prior to logging onto the network and destroy any outdated versions.
  2. Updated Sector Files Sector files have been updated for AIRAC 1509 and are effective immediately. You can obtain these from the VATPAC website at http://www.vatpac.org/home/index.php/controllers/sector-files Significant Changes 1. A revised POF file has been issued for VRC users. 2. Sydney TMA files now include TMA internal airspace boundaries. These will be useful for future events and for an upcoming trial which I will announce in the coming weeks. 3. All Class C, D and E CTR/A and Restricted Area airspace boundaries have been updated. 4. Restricted Areas considered to be permanently or near-permanently activated are displayed when the "GEO" layer is activated. All other RAs may be found in the "SID" list and can be individually displayed when the airspace is activated. Corresponding labels for these RAs are part of "Static Text" in VRC and in "Freetext/PRD" in Euroscope. All controllers should ensure that their files are up to date prior to logging onto the network.
  3. Members, It is with some sadness that I must announce our current president, Steven Cullen, has announced his retirement to commence immediately. Steven has been a member of VATSIM for many years and has served in various leadership positions including VATSIM President for more than 3 years. Now his career is really taking off and he needs to concentrate on building that for his family so has announced he will step down. Steven's replacement will be announced shortly as the President is filled from within the current BoG per CoR. Please join the BoG and Founders in thanking Steven for his many years of service to VATSIM and we will still see him online. (From http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=69137) --- Many of you will be aware that Steven is a member of our own division and, through his various roles on the Board of Governors and later as President, he has ensured that our little corner of the world was represented as well as serving the greater VATSIM community. We wish Steven the best of luck with his future endeavours and hope that this means that we will see him in our skies more often!
  4. ATC applications close tomorrow! Make sure to get yours in soon!
  5. The website is live! Book your flight today at http://realops.vatpac.org/ Sign-ups for ATC also available within.
  6. Alice to Darwin should be okay. It doesn't interact with R225 which is the main area being used. Overflights of TN aren't a problem, although it may get congested if there is military traffic arriving and departing Tindal.
  7. VATSIM Virtual Special Operations Administration in conjunction with RAAF Virtual and other military partners will be conducting a week of military exercises in the Top End. VATPAC ATC are invited to assist with managing traffic around exercise airspace. To help you with this, we are in the process of producing a number of training videos to bring you up to speed with military procedures. Don't worry if you've never done this before - most of us haven't! Schedule: 12 - 15 June: Mobilization 16 - 18 June: Area familiarization 19 - 22 June: Main exercise activities 23 - 25 June: Demobilization Note: In accordance with VATSIM rules, pilots must be a member of an approved special operations organisation to conduct military operations.
  8. Following consultation with existing affiliates, the Virtual Airline Policy has been revised. The purpose of these revisions is: make the policy more user friendly by removing superfluous text and codifying existing conventions establish the Virtual Airline Liaison Officer as a position separate to the Director of Operations the addition of a rule requiring 10 flights in VATPAC airspace per 90 days Kurt D'Amico is the current Virtual Airline Liaison Officer and you can contact him at [email protected] for any enquiries relating to virtual airline affiliation. The policy will be published to the VATPAC website when it is restored. In the mean time, you can view the text of the policy and some explanatory notes in the attachments below. If you are viewing this post at a future time, please refer to the website for the latest edition of the policy. Virtual_Airline_Policy_-_Explanatory_Notes_2015.pdf Virtual_Airline_Policy_20150530.pdf Virtual_Airline_Policy_-_Explanatory_Notes_2015.pdf Virtual_Airline_Policy_20150530.pdf
  9. Updated Sector files and Documents Sector files and documents have been updated for AIRAC 1506 and are effective on Thursday 28 May 2015. You can obtain these from the temporary threads in the Airspace - Australia forum. Thank you to our working teams who work hard to deliver these updates. Significant Changes There are no significant changes to sector files. As a result of feedback from the community, we have renamed all of the TMA Supplements to "Local Instructions". While the content of these documents will remain the same, it is hoped that the new naming will clarify that they are not just for TMA ("Approach") controllers. Additionally, a number of coordination requirements between Approach positions and En route positions have changed. Please have a look at these changes carefully. Please also refer to MATS 4.3.3 about Non-Coordination Routes and about coordination between airborne units generally. If you have any questions about these changes, please feel free to get in touch with me at [email protected] It is expected that we will provide further training materials on this topic in the near future. Revised Local Instructions have not been published for Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. It is anticipated that these will be published in the coming week.
  10. The quarterly report for VATSIM Oceanic (including VATPAC) has been published and can be access at http://www.vatsim.net/sites/default/files/region-report/Oceania-2015-Q1.pdf The Executive Committee met on 9 May 2015. Minutes of this meeting can be found at http://www.vatsim.net/meeting-minutes/ec/2015-q1 The EC has advised that further consultation will take place with Divisions regarding the proposed amendments to the Global Ratings Policy. Until all changes have been determined, the updates announced in the Q3/2014 minutes are placed on hold.
  11. Position allocations are as follows: >+---------------------+------------+ | Name | Allocation | +---------------------+------------+ | Mitchell Williamson | AD APP | | Tracy Shiffman | AD TWR | | Luke Bryant | AD SMC | | Peter Story | AD DEL | | Matthew McEwen | CAN | | Jarryd Sullivan | SNO | | Ryan Steffe | NUL | | Jason Beringer | BIK | +---------------------+------------+
  12. Sector files for AIRAC 1503 have been released thanks to the efforts of the AIS Team. Special mention to Peter Story and Zach Biesse-Fitton who have worked tirelessly to get the ball rolling again. As well as updating airways, fixes and SIDs/STARs, the 1503 AIRAC includes updates to primary airport runways, taxiways, aprons, Class C lower levels and taxiway labels for VRC and Euroscope. Unfortunately with these enhancements, a 1503 update to ASRC is not available at this time, as per our previous announcement. To view this new information you will need to do the following: [VRC] Under the View menu turn on Static Text and Regions Euroscope Under the Other SET menu select Display Settings and place a tick in the Regions, FreeText and GEO boxes. If you tick Sector, you will not see any of the new information. You must only tick Regions, FreeText and GEO. With Euroscope you can select finer levels of detail within Regions and Freetext. Within Freetext, the group names are xxC for class C lower levels, xxD for Class D lower levels, xx_taxi for taxiway labels, xx_term for terminal building labels, xx for MVA levels where xx is airport identifier. The SCT group name includes all the C and E lower levels nationally. Obtaining New Sector Files Sector files should be downloaded from the File Library: http://www.vatpac.org/cms/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=125&func=select&id=3
  13. Notice is given that the AIS Team intends to discontinue support for ASRC. From the next release of sector files, ASRC files will not be produced. Developments in our internal sector files tools and new features in sector files will result in certain elements not being compatible with ASRC. There are now significant works that need to be performed to regain capability in producing ASRC-compatible sector files. In our estimation, there are few if not none that still use ASRC, and the work required to produce the ASRC files would not be a valuable use of the team's time. If you object to this intended action, you should send your objection to David Zhong, Director Operations, at [email protected] Objections will be accepted until 30 April 2015.
  14. Please join me in congratulating Kurt D'Amico on his appointment as Deputy Director Operations. Kurt is a member of the Documentation Team and was previously a Pilot Coach and is therefore well versed in controller and pilot issues. In addition to his continuing role as a member of the Documentation Team, he will be taking on the job of liaising with our Affiliate VAs, so if you are a VA Manager, you should get to know him soon! If you have any questions, complaints or suggestions on how we can make day-to-day operations better, you can now not only contact myself, but also Kurt when you see him on Teamspeak or online as VATPAC12. David Zhong Director Operations
  15. Following the restructuring of the Board last week, I am pleased to announce that Dean Thompson will be taking on the role of AIS Manager. In this position, he will largely be responsible for the same things as he was previously, however, the Sector Files Team (which will now be redubbed the "AIS Team") will now be extended to producing Aeronautical Information Services products other than sector files. As to what these new products will be... watch this space! David Zhong Director Operations
  16. The VATPAC Controller Information and ATIS Policy has been updated to comply with the recent change in global policy by the VATSIM Executive Committee. While the revised VATPAC policy looks a bit different to the old one, the only substantive changes are the relaxation of the rules surrounding controller info and text ATIS. Additionally, in preparation for the release of the VATPAC Manual of Air Traffic Services, the text that describes "how to" has been removed from the policy. In the future, this information will be included in the Manual of Air Traffic Services. In the interim, an extract from the latest draft is linked from the policy page. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please direct them to me at [email protected] David Zhong Director Operations
  17. Roster released! There are still a couple of gaps to fill, guys. If you are able to assist, please fill out an ATC Application form soon! >Position Login ID Controller ---------+------------+------------------- CB TWR CB_TWR Adrian Stevens CB SMC CB_GND Lachlan Laverty CB APP E CB_APP James Reginato CB APP W CB-W_APP --- BIK ML-BIK_CTR Callum Strawbridge HUM ML-HUM_CTR --- SNO ML-SNO_CTR David Zhong
  18. If you haven't put in you ATC application yet, please do so now. Canberra always puts a strain on ATC due to the short distance from Melbourne and Sydney and we tend to get very good traffic numbers.
  19. :think: >TAF YSSY 032304Z 0400/0506 03010KT 9999 FEW030 FM040300 05018KT 9999 SCT035 FM040700 18020G30KT 9999 SHOWERS OF LIGHT RAIN SCT010 SCT025 FM041200 18012KT 9999 SHOWERS OF LIGHT RAIN SCT010 BKN025 FM050200 13015KT 9999 SCT025 TEMPO 0412/0424 BKN010 [b]PROB30 TEMPO 0406/0412 VRB15G25KT 5000 THUNDERSTORMS WITH MODERATE RAIN SCT015 SCT040CB[/b] RMK FM040700 MOD TURB BLW 5000FT TILL041200 T 29 30 28 23 Q 1015 1013 1013 1017
  20. A message from the Regional Director It is with much sadness that I announce that Jeff Smith has stepped down as Deputy Regional Director for Oceania Region. Jeff's real world commitments has seen him have less and less time for activities outside of his work and family and he's gone from having time to be on VATSIM almost every day to only having the time for a quick flight or the odd bit of ATC every few months. Jeff has been a stalwart of the Region for many years and was instrumental in many of the Iron Mic Awards that both VATNZ (his home division) and VATPAC have achieved over the years. Jeff has also been coordinating the Pacific Oceanic Partnership, a joint venture between VATPAC, VATNZ and VATUSA, bringing together a standard set of procedures, and a standard training and testing syllabus. Jeff is ever hopeful that his work/life balance returns to equilibrium in the future and he can once more enjoy his time on the Network. On behalf of all members of the Oceania Region, I thank Jeff for his time, dedication and support and wish him all the best for the future. I will be announcing the process for Jeff's replacement in the coming week. Regards Mark
  21. Please note that the target touchdown time for this even will be 1000Z or 9.00pm AEDT.
  22. My dropbox was broken. A quick reset has fixed it. Link should work now.
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