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  1. [Sunday, 14th December, 2014] Cross the Ditch 10

    Version 3 of the roster: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nld7nvt2wdev3ig/Cross%20the%20Ditch%20-%2014%20December%202014%20-%20VATNZ%20ATC%20Roster%20-%20version%203.pdf?dl=0 Good luck and have fun!
  2. [Sunday, 14th December, 2014] Cross the Ditch 10

    The latest version of the ATC roster can be found at (see below). Still a couple of gaps if anyone is keen!
  3. [Sunday, 14th December, 2014] Cross the Ditch 10

    We will accept applications until the event starts, but most positions are already filled. If you need to change your availability, etc., people contact me directly ([email protected]) to organise this.
  4. [Sunday, 14th December, 2014] Cross the Ditch 10

    Thanks to everyone who applied to do ATC for this event. The roster is looking quite good so far. You can view it at (superceded - see below for latest version) Please email me at [email protected] if I have made any mistakes. If you want to apply, please fill out the form at the Cross the Ditch website! David Zhong Director Operations
  5. [Sunday, 14th December, 2014] Cross the Ditch 10

    Time to get those ATC Applications in guys. You can do so at http://crosstheditch.net/spring2014/atc_applications Let's step up the effort on this side of the Ditch and show our commitment! So far, VATNZ almost have the same number of applications as us!
  6. RealOps Sydney Saturday 5 July 2014 06:00 to 12:00 UTC For six hours in July, VATPAC invites you to join us in recreating the chaos at Sydney Airport! Sydney Kingsford-Smith International Airport is the busiest airport in Australia by passenger volume and features the longest runway in the southern hemisphere.