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  1. Notice of Town Hall Meeting - 7 April 2019

    Thanks to all that attended. Some of the highlights from last night... Q: are there plans for the smaller procedural airports to have local instructions? A: Yes, but not at the top of the list Q: What does the non exec directors do A: We currently have a young but passionate executive team leading the organisation. The role of the non execs is to support that team by providing them with guidance and wisdom and challenge their ideas. Q: Are there any plans for implementing a training system where controllers may access their own training notes and or use a roster a roster such as seeing other controllers and what rating they are A: Yes, we are developing a system that will allow students to access their training record. A controller roster will not be developed as this duplicates CERT. Members can access the latter by contacting VATSIM Membership. Q: Can e.g. a centre controller access tower information in Moodle without having to enrol in each course? E.g. quick reference guide as PDF A: We will explore this Q: Is there any plans for doing any Iron Mic's for pacific area airports such as Fiji, New Cali, Vanauatu and PNG airports? A: Yes, this is in consideration Q: Would the training department contemplate making the Procedural endorsement one that you have to do at least one sweatbox with? If I had done a sweatbox rather than just an exam or even mentoring sessions that would have been extremely useful. A: We are considering this at the moment Q: Any updates on discord A: A survey has been done recently on community views. The Board is continuing to consider this issue and there are a number of matters that the Board requires to be resolved before making a decision including how moderation will be improved. Q: Any updates on new codec A: VATSIM has announced that an open beta will commence soon. Applications are currently open to join this beta program.
  2. Notice of Town Hall Meeting - 7 April 2019

    Below you will find a link to "VATPAC 2019" our organisational plan for 2019. At this evening's Town Hall, the Board will elaborate and take questions on this. VATPAC 2019.pdf
  3. VATSIM announces signups for Audio for VATSIM Large Scale Testing VATSIM is delighted to announce that we are moving into the advanced testing phases of the new audio solution, Audio for VATSIM (AFV). AFV is a revolutionary new audio solution for the VATSIM network featuring clear VHF communications and minimal latency as opposed to VATSIM’s current voice codec. AFV also features realistic range-based VHF range, incorporation of blocking tones for pilots who are stepped on, and the ability to use voice on any frequency in the VHF spectrum even when there is no Air Traffic Controller online. VATSIM needs you to help complete these important large-scale tests where we attempt to stress the system with hundreds of users before we release. To accomplish these tests, we are accepting applications from any VATSIM member interested in being a part of the large-scale beta testing to begin soon. Beta testers will be selected at random from the applicants and will be requested to fly or control during at least two of the upcoming large tests. Applicants will receive a confirmation via email and if accepted will receive email with further instructions. To apply, visit https://vats.im/beta Good luck to all those who apply, and we look forward to full release of Audio for VATSIM!
  4. Notice of Town Hall Meeting - 7 April 2019

    Please note that the agenda has been added and timing corrected to account for the end of daylight savings.
  5. A New Start

    Dear VATPAC Community, Last September, I was approached to assist in leading this organisation out of a situation where the board was fragmented and there were some strong divisions within our community. Since then, we have formed an enthusiastic young team to lead our staff and some experienced non-executives to support them. It is now the job of this team to unite our community with our common hobby. Over the weekend, I advised Alan Cooke to begin the search for a new division director and I understand that process will begin shortly. Having been in the role for some 6 months, I can say that the new division director will be very busy in building a strong foundation for our organisation. We are an organisation of some 1800 members and there is more work to be done for our organisation to be one that can properly support that membership. Thank you to everyone who supported my efforts, through encouragement and constructive criticism, thank you to our hard working staff who keep this place ticking along and good luck to our board. David Zhong Acting Division Director
  6. Town Hall Meeting Sunday 7 April 2019 at 1030 UTC/2030 AEST/2000 ACST/1730 AWST Via Teamspeak (Instructions) Call to Order / Welcome Board to present 2019 plan Questions to the board If you have any questions that you would like the Board to answer, you can either mail them to me at director at vatpac dot org or ask them during the Q&A. We will publish a list of answers to questions in writing so that is a way to get your question in if you can't attend. Please note that in daylight savings states, daylight savings ends on this day. All times listed above are in standard time.
  7. Director IT

    I am pleased to announce that yesterday, the Board resolved to appoint Thomas Grozev as Director IT. Tom is relatively new to the community but had already joined the IT team and made contributions behind the scenes. His experience in a vast range of web and mobile technologies and web security will be invaluable as we look to improve the experience that we provide to our members. Tom also has community leadership experience and has organised fundraising events for charities. Please join me in congratulating Tom on his appointment!
  8. BZ - Steven Brown

    Last September, in our time of crisis, Steven Brown once again graciously agreed to step up to the plate and volunteer his limited time and energy to keep our organisation afloat. In the six months that have passed, Browny has kept our critical systems running smoothly and dealt rapidly with a series of hiccups caused by our service provider. Browny has also contributed significantly to some of the reforms we have put in place since that time and has assisted in our rebuilding by chairing two appointment committees. Browny has well and truly fulfilled his mandate and it will be the job of his successor (who will be named later this evening) to build from the platform that we have today. We wish you the greatest success and happiness in your endeavours outside of this organisation and hope that you occasionally find time to participate in the hobby again. Thank you for your service!
  9. The board held an ordinary meeting on 2 February 2019. The minutes of the meeting are now available on our website.
  10. Data Handling Policy

    The VATPAC Board today has enacted the Data Handling Policy. This policy provides the framework for VATPAC to handle data requests made pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU). The policy is aligned with similar policies promulgated by VATSIM and VATOCE and mechanisms are in place for cross-referral of requests. The policy also makes provision for board oversight of data security controls so that the risk of data breaches can be effectively managed. Members who wish to exercise rights under the GDPR and policy can do so in writing to [email protected] The policy can be found on our website under "About Us" and "Policies".
  11. Applications Open: Director IT

    I have just sent out an email to each of the applicants. If you applied but did not receive an email, please contact me immediately via forum private message.
  12. The minutes for the first extraordinary board meeting of 2019 can now be found on the website. At this meeting, the Board considered the draft constitution and a number of amendments. The amendments and the constitution were all adopted unanimously. The Constitution can now be found on our website under the "About Us" menu.
  13. Applications Open: Director IT

    A reminder that applications for this position close tomorrow evening.
  14. Non-Executive Directors

    I am pleased to announce that pursuant to Part 3 Division 4 of the Constitution, the Board has appointed Peter Adamos, Greg Barber and Dean Constantinidis as non-executive directors. These three gentlemen have served on the staff and Board during various times in VATPAC's history and their experience will be of great value to our executive team who are all relatively new to their roles. Peter has spent many years in our ATC training team and later served as the director of that portfolio. Peter's experience serving on the board at a young age will position him to assist our young board. Greg is probably well known to most members. Greg has previously run the ATC training portfolio before stepping up as division director. More recently, Greg filled in as Director of Operations until we found a permanent appointee. Dean has been a member since we were called SATPAC and has held roles including Director of Operations and more recently ordinary flying member. Dean's experience from past boards and perspective from outside the staff will be greatly valued by the board.
  15. Public Comment: VATPAC Constitution

    The board met yesterday to consider this and I'm pleased to announce that the Board unanimously agreed to adopt our constitution. The final text will be published on the website in the coming days. With assistance from the community, the Board believes that it has been developed to strike a balance between ensuring that the Board behaves in a transparent and accountable manner while giving the Board enough flexibility to do its job. It is the vision of the Board that this document will serve as the key governance document for our organisation, second only to the VATSIM COR. It is important that boards present and future act in accordance with the constitution. Members play an important part in keeping the Board accountable for its actions and any actions which are inconsistent with the constitution should be questioned. Where the response of the Board to such questioning is inadequate, there is recourse to the Oceania regional director for adjudication. I would like to thank all of those members who have contributed to the development of the constitution, including some members who have departed the Board in recent months, staff members, those participating in the town hall meeting late last year and those making submissions on the discussion paper.