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  1. Cross the Ditch - 11 Dec 2016

    Looking good! Make sure you resolve that ETO :rolleyes:
  2. Congratulations to Nick Hassall who has moved on up to a TMA near you! Well done Nick. :2banana:
  3. Tower Controller - David Cox

    Congratulations to David who recently obtained his rating and is coming to a Tower near you! Nice work David :clap:
  4. Tower Controller - Kurt Ams

    Please join me in congratulating Kurt who is coming to a TWR near you. Well done Kurt.
  5. Congratulations to Alex who will be coming to a TWR near you!
  6. Tower Controller - Alan Igoe

    Congratulations to Alan who has successfully obtained his TWR rating. Well done Alan!
  7. Congratulations are in order for Sam who has achieved his Tower Rating! Well done Sam.
  8. Congratulations to Brad who recently obtained his rating and will be coming to a TWR near you.
  9. TAAATSMod Released!

    In order to utilize ADS-B simulation using TAAATSMod, an updated ESE file is provided (attached). To use this file, copy and paste it to the sectorfile directory, renaming it to the name of the sectorfile you wish to use. Ie. if using ES_ML_TMA.sct, you must rename the extracted file from ES_VATPAC_UIR_CTR.ese to ES_ML_TMA.ese and have it in the same folder as the .sct file. The updated file will be included in the next planned release of VATPAC sectorfiles.
  10. TAAATSMod Released!

    It is with great pleasure that I can finally announce the public release of TAAATSMod for EuroScope 3.1! What better day to release an Australian ATS client add-on then Australia Day itself! Think of it as TAAATStralia Day. TAAATSMod has been a project of mine which has been in development since the EuroScope developer first implemented the plugin environment to the closed beta testing group. It started off as a humble attempt to capitalize on the potential of ES and has grown into a complete transformation implementing several functions of the real TAAATS (The Advanced Australian Air Traffic System). TAAATSMod has been in closed testing for quite a while and through the scrutiny of the testing group has developed into quite a stable product. It is through their combined effort that TAAATSMod has been able to become what it is now. How do I get started? TAAATSMod can now be downloaded from the VATPAC repository by following the links on the VATPAC website. A word of caution! EuroScope used in conjunction with TAAATSMod is unlike any client previously released to the public. It simulates real life Air Traffic Systems to a much higher degree of complexity. It's because of this that it has a very big learning curve that must be overcome prior to its use. It's for this very reason that a moodle course was engineered specifically for learning how to use EuroScope with TAAATSMod. I strongly urge you to become familiar with all published information prior to attempting to control online. Within the download ZIP you will find a simulator session that allows you practice offline before jumping in the deep end. Good Luck! If you need help with anything that is not made clear by the moodle course or EuroScope documentation, feel free to ask within our Controller Client forum or jump on TeamSpeak and talk to someone within the testing group. VATPAC Website: TAAATSMod
  11. Congratulations are in order for David as he has recently obtained his TWR rating! Well done David. :cool:
  12. Congratulations to Justin who has obtained his TWR rating! :cool:
  13. Congratulations are in order for Brayden who recently obtained his tower rating! Well done Brayden! :cool: