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  1. until

    Am observing via VAT-Spy. 11 aircraft. Via altitude can glean the touch and go.
  2. until

    Have this morning fired up my older PC that has FS2002 + Squawkbox 4.0. plus Archerfield, Cooly scenery, plus the RealAir Victorian Kangan Batman TAFE Cessna 172SP. Have set a "my Park" location at Archerfield well off to the sw corner of the airport so as not to interfere with anyone. Am thinking I can come online and observe from there, i.e. watch the aircraft depart on Fri. Am thinking that if I set up a parked location at each airfield, I can jump to each as the event proceeds and observe you arriving/departing, and also get a good experience of listening to the radio calls. Does that sound like "a plan"?
  3. until

    My other thought, these days with Skype, Microsoft Teams (I work remotely a lot and we use that for work), etc. would it be possible to be a passenger with someone, via screensharing, i.e. I see their screen?
  4. until

    Hi Russell, I'd like to join in as an Observer (as an old newbie returning as a newbie). How is the best way to do that? I have FS2002, using the default Cessna 172. I live actually in Lismore. I don't have a VATSIM client installed on my current PC yet, but did have Squarkbox on my older PC. If I download Squarkbox will that suffice to get VATSIM connected for the event? Thanks, cheers, Mark VH-MAD.
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