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    That would be excellent Tristan. I've not flown on VATSIM with ATC yet, being quite a newbie at it. Having flown VFR with Daniel a few weeks ago and his guys it will help me a lot because we use TeamSpeak so I can hear what they say to you which will give me more confidence to follow suit and build up my confidence and hopefully after a few touch and go's I'll get better at it. Cheers mate.
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    And now to feel like a total tosser I’ve just noted that in the NZWN to NZVR discovery flight that the flight included the leg from NZPP to NZMS. Sigh!
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    My sincerest apologies to Daniel and fellow flyers. Last week was my first ever VATSIM flight and I did one of these NZ Discovery Tour flights. After doing that one I loved it so much I went back and did what I genuinely thought was one of the earlier OLD flights. So I did this flight and popped in the extra leg above and then made the foregoing comment thinking that if anyone was doing like I did and flying an old event that they might like to do the extra leg. Now I feel like such a dick for posting the missing leg comment above and for doing this flight AHEAD of the pack as well.... Sorry Daniel for commenting on the extra leg ahead of time! Having said this though, I'll be there for tonights flight as I just looked it up to see where we go and DOH noted my mistake - so if you decide to sabotage my plane mid-flight, I'll get the message! Sorry again Paul Motu
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    This is a suggestion to spice up this flight if anyone does this flight after the date of this post. In your flight plan add Paraparaumu (pronounced PARA-PARA-OO-MOO) airport (NZPP) after Masterton Airport (NZMS). As a result (and assuming you've purchased the Orbx South Island add on - (I'm not sure how it'll look if you don't have the add-on) but you'll have a great flight climbing up and over Mt Hector which adds a very 'speccy' bit of scenic viewing to this flight. How it was missed in the first instance surprised me but this is not a complaint about the original flight because it was a lot of fun and scenic. However, I have friends in NZPP and have driven from there to Wellington on a visit there many years ago, so wanted to fly there just because I was in the neighbourhood. As a result I discovered Mt Hector and thought I'd share and then it's a nice little fly in to Wellington after that.
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    Well that was cool thanks Daniel. The flight over (and around) Mt Tarawera was very cool and for me a highlight. Thanks for organising this. It was my first VATSIM flight so I have lots of questions now so will head over to forums to raise queries but just wanted to say thanks for a very cool scenic flight. Having bought the ORBX add-on before ever flying over this ground I have no comparison to give but if it was like the usual FSX-SE type of ground then the add-on made it spectacular.
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