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  1. VATOCE CFI Resignation

    I have today accepted Alex's resignation as VATOCE CFI. I will post a job advertisement in the next few days for his replacement. I would like to thank Alex for his short time as OCE CFI and wish him good luck for the future.
  2. TWR Controller - Ryan Dreschler

    Congratulations Ryan. Enjoy your new rating
  3. VATOCE CFI Appointed

    I am delighted to announce that Alex Dent has been appointed as the new CFI for VATOCE. I look forward to seeing our Pilot Training advancing under his leadership. Thanks also to our outgoing CFI Cam Tyson for his contribution to our Pilot Training and good luck in your new role in VATPAC.
  4. CTR Controller - Sam Hall

    Congratulations Sam. Enjoy your new rating

    Hi all, Please see the following post Thanks
  6. VATPAC Divisional Director Appointed

    Please join me in congratulating Mt Scott Thorpe on his appointment as the new Divisional Director of VATPAC. Scott has a great deal of experience on the network as pilot,ATC and supervisor and also brings with him a substantial amount of experience in management in his professional life. Welcome on board Scott and good luck in your new position. Thanks must also go to Tracy Shiffman for his work as acting Director in keeping the Division afloat.
  7. JOB OPPORTUNITY- Division Director Position VATPAC1

    The application process for VATPAC1 has now closed. Applications received from now will not be considered. Thanks to all who applied.
  8. JOB OPPORTUNITY- Division Director Position VATPAC1

    Just a reminder that applications close this Sunday
  9. Q1 Regional Meeting will take place Saturday 21st April 2018. Agenda can be viewed here
  10. Appointment: Deputy Director IT

    Congratulations Jacob
  11. Hi all, Please see the following