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  1. Real Ops Sydney


    Hey Tristan. From previous experience, the Events Department will not put you on a position during a busy period if you have not had your rating for a considerable amount of time. I think it is highly improbable that you will be placed on the roster during the event time. However, the next event we have will most likely be promising. Note: I do not speak for the Events Department - From previous "Open" Discussions in a public environment, this information has been provided to me - it does not confirm nor deny the fact you may be added in the roster for this event
  2. Real Ops Sydney


    @Nicolas Tessede
  3. Real Ops Sydney


    It did too lol - @Tristan Duncombe plz fix as i can't
  4. Richie Queally - Visiting Controller

    Please welcome Richie Queally as the newest Visiting Controller in VATPAC Airspace. Richie comes from the Vancouver FIR as the Facility Engineer - We hope you enjoy your time in VATPAC
  5. Australia Online - Northbound

    Changed my Mind, I will take Sunshine Coast (ALL VFR TRAFFIC WELCOME!)
  6. Division Directors LOA

    Good to hear! Looking forward to your return Scott!
  7. Australia Online - Northbound

    I will join you Nick! Let's test out that new shiny S2 you got (Bag's BN_APP)
  8. Arron Baskin - TWR Controller

    Congratulations Arron! Well deserved!
  9. Region Transfer - Bertus Oosthuizen

    Please welcome Bertus who recently transferred to VATPAC as an S2 Welcome Bertus!
  10. USA FNO Downunder

    can't wait guys. Definitely will be an awesome experience. I will be [move]QFA150 (YSSY-YMML)[/move] [move]QFA151 (YMML-YPAD)[/move] See you then.
  11. USA FNO Downunder

    Nice, can't wait.