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  1. TWR Controller - Jacob Findlater

    Well done to Jacob on successfully completing the requirements to attain his S2 rating. Looking forward to seeing you around the VATPAC ATC break room, Jacob.
  2. TWR Controller - Corey Manning

    Congratulations to Corey who has satisfied all the requirements to achieve his S2 rating. Looking forward to seeing you online soon Corey!
  3. TWR Controller - William Teale

    A well deserved congratulations to William on successfully completing his S2 assessment. Look forward to seeing you out there, William, good job!
  4. TWR Controller - Louie Hatch

    Congratulations to Louie on successfully attaining his S2. Well done mate, welcome to the VATPAC ATC ranks
  5. TWR Controller - Pheonix Taylor

    A hearty well done to Pheonix who sailed through his S2 assessment like he's been doing it for years. Reward for effort, congratulations Pheonix!
  6. TWR Controller - Michael Wall

    Congratulations to Michael on satisfying all the requirements to be recognized as an S2 controller. Well done, Michael!
  7. TWR Controller - Heath Taylor

    Congratulations to Heath who over the weekend successfully completed the requirements to become an S2 controller. Well done Heath!
  8. Jayden Clarkson - TWR Controller

    Congratulations are in order for Jayden who has successfully completed his S2 rating. Nice one Jayden!
  9. TWR Controller - Ryan Dreschler

    A hearty congratulations to Ryan on achieving his S2 rating. Great work Ryan, enjoy!
  10. VATPAC Divisional Director Appointed

    Welcome aboard Scott. You're gonna love what we've done with the place whilst you were away
  11. VATSIM Oceania Q1 Board Minutes

    Minutes of the Q1 VatOCE Regional Meeting have been published and are available for public viewing here:
  12. Notice of VATPAC Town Hall Meeting

    Thank you to everyone who attended the Town Hall meeting last night. It was very gratifying to hear there are no major issues concerning our members and whilst the official proceedings were quite short (about 13 minutes by my watch), the ensuing group chat afterwards went on for quite some time and was a lot of always. Thanks everyone, we hope to see you again at the next Town Hall meeting!
  13. Notice of VATPAC Town Hall Meeting

    Hi fellow VATPAC'ers. You are all cordially invited to attend our first Town Hall Meeting of 2018! The meeting will take place as usual on our Teamspeak server and will be held on Sunday, March 4th, 2018 commencing at 7:00pm AEDT. On behalf of the VATPAC Board, we look forward to seeing you there!
  14. Appointment: VATPAC Director ATC Training

    Please welcome Daniel Martin to the role of VATPAC Director ATC Training. Daniel has put in many long hours in recent times working on some amazing projects within the Training department and we look forward to seeing him continue this work in his new role. David Zhong leaves the training department and VATPAC Board with the thanks and appreciation of the entire community. Despite his hectic real world schedule, David didn't hesitate to step up into the acting Director role when called upon and his reasoned "voice of governance" will be sorely missed in the Boardroom. Thanks Zhongy, you're a true champ!
  15. VATPAC 2017 End of Year Division Report

    Please find attached the VATPAC 2017 End of Year Division Report VATPAC-EndofYear_Report_-_2017.pdf