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  1. TWR Controller - Elliot Parker

    Congratulations to Elliot Parker who today joins the ranks as an S2 controller! Well done Elliot
  2. Please join me in congratulating Will Smart who has been appointed as the Deputy Director, ATC Administration on the ATC Training Department. Will brings a significant amount of administrative experience and leadership knowledge gained from the real world which he brings into this crucial position on the team. Will has also been a Mentor on the Training Team for a while now and his knowledge of controlling will certainly help him in this role. For those who are requesting Exams or asking us questions, he will be on the other end of the training email responding to all your emails. On behalf of the entire training team, we look forward to working with Will even more in the future and hope that he will help our community and training department grow.
  3. Applications Open: Deputy Director ATC Administration

    Applications for this position have now closed, thank you to everyone who applied. I will be emailing you all shortly.
  4. Applications Open: Deputy Director ATC Administration

    A reminder that applications for this position close tomorrow night
  5. 1. INTRODUCTION This NOTAM is detailed in accordance with subparagraph 4.1 of the VATPAC Controller Positions and Ratings Policy. This is for the purpose of ATC Training. 2. RESERVED POSITIONS A) SY_TWR B) SY_GND C) SY_DEL 3. EFFECTIVE DATE & TIME The above position will be reserved for use between 0900z-1000z, 4 February 2019 (Milk Run Monday). 4. CONTACTS Joshua Micallef - Instructor (j.micallef(at)vatpac.org) Ryan Steffe - Deputy Director, ATC Standards (vatpac23(at)vatpac.org) Daniel Martin - Director, ATC Training (atc(at)vatpac.org) 5. NOTICE TO ATC Under subparagraph 4.1, controllers must not control these positions during the times indicated without prior approval of a member of the listed contacts. 6. CANCELLATION This NOTAM self cancels at 1000z 4 February 2019
  6. Applications are now invited from suitably experienced and qualified members of VATPAC for the position of Deputy Director ATC Administration. Introduction: The VATPAC Deputy Director ATC Administration (VATPAC13) is tasked with managing the administrative process for VATPAC ATC Training. This includes the processing of ATC Training Requests, from initiation to completion in an administration context and maintaining a permanent record of all training conducted by the ATC Training Department. The VATPAC Deputy Director ATC Administration is part of the ATC Training Department Head Team including the VATPAC Director ATC Training (VATPAC3) and the VATPAC Deputy Director ATC Standards (VATPAC23). Responsible To: VATPAC Director ATC Training Direct Reports: Mentor and Instructor Team Duties: Assists the Director ATC Training with operations of the ATC Training Department, assists with operations and projects as the Director ATC Training sees fit and assigns to them Serves as secretary and historian during official meetings and other departmental operations Monitor and administer the VATPAC Training email inbox Manage ATC Training Requests Check eligibility, theory exams and post request to the ATC Training staff forum Monitor uptake of ATC Practical Assessment and Mentoring requests Process Assessment completion Maintain a database of all assessment and training requests Assist the Director ATC Training with resource development and ongoing support materials Assist the Director ATC Training in development of the training process department wide Maintain a presence online as a respected member of the VATPAC ATC Training department Essential Criteria: Be a member of the VATPAC Division of VATSIM for a period longer than 12 months Remain in good standing with VATSIM/VATPAC Demonstrate excellent organisational and communication skills Maintain a mature and balanced demeanour Be driven and motivated to help VATPAC ATC members at all times and improve the standards of ATC service delivery across the network Be able to work in a dynamic, voluntary, team environment Be committed to the confidentiality, sensitivity and integrity of the training process Observe and conduct themselves in a manner befitting a senior member of VATPAC staff, including all requirements as directed by the VATPAC Director Division and VATPAC Director ATC Training Over 100 hours experience as a VATSIM/VATPAC Controller Experience in a competency based, multi-level training environment Exceptional skills in Microsoft Excel type spreadsheets and Moodle online training systems Application Process Members interested in being considered for the role should apply by outlining their experience and suitability, addressing each of the essential criteria listed above. Applications should be sent via email to atc [at] vatpac.org APPLICATIONS IN STRICTEST CONFIDENCE CLOSE AT 23:59 hours AEDT on Monday 4 February 2019.
  7. Resignation: Cam Tyson - VATPAC13

    It is with great regret that I inform the community that Cam Tyson has decided to resign as Deputy Director, ATC Administration (VATPAC13) and the training team as a whole. Cam has contributed to the ATC Training Department in so many ways and I cannot thank him enough for being a great number 2 and a great friend to many of us in the ATC Training Department. Cam will be stepping down from this position due to him now living in the United Kingdom and has taken on a career in teaching. We all wish Cam the best in this position and we know that he will smash it and will do a phenonmenal job like he has done in the VATPAC13 position. Thank you Cam for all your hardwork since being appointed to the VATPAC13 position and we all wish you the best in your future endeavours and work!
  8. ATC Training - Christmas Shutdown

    The training department is reopened. Welcome to 2019!
  9. ATC Training - Christmas Shutdown

    On behalf of the ATC Training Team, I would like to wish all members a Merry Christmas and a safe festive season. Our ATC Training Team perform an enormously important task and do so entirely with their generously donated time. So it is traditional for us to express our gratitude to them by giving them a couple of weeks off to enjoy family, friends and VATSIM. ATC Training will be closed from 18 December 2018 and will reopen on 8 January 2019. During this time, there will be no new theory exams given out, no exam results processed and no additional arrangements will be made for official mentoring or practical assessments (existing arrangements will of course be honoured). If you feel you are nearing completion of your self-directed study, please consider using these 2 weeks as an opportunity to read over those tricky subjects again and we will be happy to serve you in the new year.
  10. Appointment: Deputy Director, ATC Standards

    The Deputy Director, ATC Standards (VATPAC23) is a new position in the ATC Department which requires an application process for members in the training department. The reason it is an internally appointed position is to ensure that the person in the role understands the needs of the department and understands the current issues and situations going on. The Deputy Director, ATC Training position has been renamed to Deputy Director, ATC Administration. As I have stated to the training team and board members, I see the two Deputy Directors and myself as equal but with different duties designated to each other. We'll make all decisions together, meaning that I will not have final say on any decision that happens in the ATC Department. In my eyes, it will be a democratic department and not a dictatorship. With that in mind, I would like to congratulate Ryan Steffe on being appointed to this new position. Ryan once held the Deputy Director, ATC Training position and did a fantastic job at it and I have no doubt that he will do a great job in this new role. Please join me in congratulating him and making him feel welcome
  11. Tracy's resignation was just a massive prank and it seems as though he just couldn't stay away from being a staff member! Please welcome him back to the training team as a Senior Instructor
  12. Nicolas Tessede - Tower Controller

    Please join me in congratulating Nicolas Tessede on becoming VATPAC's newest Tower Controller! Congrats Nick!
  13. Ryan Yung - Visiting Controller

    Please welcome Ryan Yung from Hong Kong vACC to VATPAC as an Enroute Visiting Controller!
  14. Bailey Brown - Oceanic Endorsement

    Congratulations to Bailey Brown who has completed the Oceanic Endorsement! He is now able to control all airspace within Australia and the Pacific Oceanic Partnership!
  15. Oceanic Endorsement - Will Smart

    Congratulations to Will Smart who recently achieved the Oceanic Endorsement! Well done Will!