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  1. Resignation: Arjun Murthy

    Hello all, It is with regret that I advise the community that Arjun has decided to step down as a Senior Instructor effective immediately due to real-world commitments. I would like to take this time to say a massive thank you on behalf of everyone at VATPAC and from the training department for the massive amount of work that you've done Arjun, you've been a keystone in this department for a long time, training and assessing. It's a shame to see you go but I know we'll see you soon.
  2. TMA Controller - Tyler Hindle

    Congratulations to Tyler who is our latest TMA controller to join the radar ranks. Well done Tyler look forward to seeing you on TMA shortly.
  3. Well done to Cameron Wilbraham who is the latest transfer tower controller to come to VATPAC. Coming to a tower near you soon. Congratulations!
  4. Hello All, Please join me in congratulating Matt Kelly who has joined the training department starting as a Trainee TMA Mentor. Matt's experience flying turboprops day to day and his past teaching experience will provide not just the training department, but, VATPAC as a whole with many benefits I'm sure. We look forward to seeing what Matt can bring to the team. We are sure that he will do a great job of training our newest generation of controllers. Please also join me in congratulating Harrison Scott who has been upgraded to an I1 and joining the instructing team as a Trainee Instructor! Harrison has shown passion and drive within the department and therefore, with Harrison joining the instructing team I'm sure we'll see the drive and passion that he shows in his students continue as he carries out assessments in the not too distant future. Welcome to your new roles gents.
  5. Hello, A huge congratulations is in order to Cristian who has successfully completed the Oceanic endorsement and now had the ability to control any position within the Pacific Oceanic Agreement! I look forward to seeing him controlling the oceanic sectors in the near future. Well Done Cristian!
  6. Hello all, A big congratulations is in order to Samuel Litsas who has done extremely well and completed the Oceanic Endorsement! He is now able to control all airspace within Australia and the Pacific Oceanic Partnership! Well done mate!
  7. Chriss Klosowski - ENR Visiting Controller

    Enjoy your ENR VC Chriss!!
  8. Bailey Brown - ENR Visiting Controller

    Well done Bailey!
  9. Ethan Barr - TMA Rating

    Congratulations Ethan! Enjoy your TMA rating!!
  10. Oceanic Endorsement - Will Smart

    Well done Will enjoy your new endorsement!
  11. Arron Baskin - TWR Controller

    Congratulations Arron!! Enjoy your S2 rating.