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  1. "Brisbane Radio, Brisbane Radio" The ATC Training Department has a new oceanic course that is now live and eagerly awaiting new controllers! Are you a C1 and haven't got your Oceanic Endorsement? Why wait any longer! Come and get your Oceanic Endorsement through the VATPAC ATC Training Department today! Did you know that you don't even need to be a local controller for this course? That's right, we also accept visiting controllers and once you've finished the course you'll be able to control eight oceanic positions under the VATSIM Pacific Oceanic Agreement. The VATPAC ATC Training Department hope you enjoy the course as much as we did making it. Get started today by heading For more information, you can refer to See you all at the VATPAC ATC Training Academy, Cam, Will and the ATC Training Department
  2. This NOTAM and the Solo Endorsement Conditions Letter have been extended while we implement Solo Endorsements into the VATPAC ATC Training Program.
  3. Welcome to Cameron who has just joined the Pacific Oceanic Controller Agreement roster! Coming to an Oceanic Position near you!
  4. Well done to Brett who has recently completed the VATSIM Pacific Oceanic course and earnt himself a /O! Round of applause Brett welcome to super non-radar environment!
  5. Date: 8th May 2020 Received via Email Comment: What a great Friday night event! I'd like to thank the excellent ATC service provided by the controllers between Melbourne and Hobart. The phraseology was excellent and the service was both professional and friendly. The standard of ATC displayed tonight is the standard that every VATPAC controller should strive for. Thanks to the following people. - Isaac Patman - Sean McCormack - Greg Barber - Ryan McDonald Well done to all! Awesome feedback about our controllers, keep up the great work!
  6. Congratulations to Sam who displayed he can keep aircraft aircraft separated in the TMA. Well done Sam have fun controlling on a radar position and welcome to the radar team!
  7. In addition to this I am please to announce Mr Paul Tudball who has also joined the department. Paul has a lot he can offer the training department and will be a great addition to the training team. Welcome Paul!
  8. Please join me in welcoming Sam Keast to the ATC Training Department! Sam brings a wide range of aviation knowledge and has a real passion for controlling. I'm looking forward to seeing the fine controllers that Sam will produce in the not to distant future. Welcome to the team Sam!
  9. Congratulations to Anthony who passed his TMA assessment tonight. He did a great job considering all the curve balls that were thrown at him during the assessment. Coming to an upside down wedding cake near you! Well done Anthony!!
  10. Thanks for the feedback Daniel its great to see this kind of feedback! Well done to those controllers! I've moved this topic to the ATC Feedback forum.
  11. Well done to Mr Hall who has completed the how to separate aircraft with no radar on a scratchy radio course. He can control all the positions listed within the Pacific Oceanic Agreement. Well done Sam good to have on the oceanic team! Coming to a fake HF radio near you.
  12. Well done to Lucas who did I an amazing job on his tower assessment! He handled it like a controller that’s been doing it for many years. Already on towers close to you!
  13. Congratulations to Brett who has become the latest controller to graduate the oceanic course and become a qualified under the Pacific Oceanic Agreement! Come to the world of not being able to 100% hear the aircraft Brett! Coming to a Radio near you
  14. Well done to Tyler to become the latest oceanic endorsed controller to join the Pacific Oceanic Endorsement roster. Well done Tyler have fun listening to the scratch of the HF radio simulation. Coming with a /O to a FSS near you!
  15. 1. INTRODUCTION This NOTAM is detailed in accordance with subparagraph 4.1 of the VATPAC Controller Positions and Ratings Policy. This is for the purpose of ATC Training. 2. RESERVED POSITIONS A) ML-SNO_CTR 3. EFFECTIVE DATE & TIME The above position will be reserved for use between 12th May 2020 between 0900-1100z 4. CONTACTS Brett Vaughan - (b.vaughan(at) Cam Tyson - Director, ATC Training (atc(at) 5. NOTICE TO ATC Under subparagraph 4.1, controllers must not control this position during the times indicated without prior approval of the listed contacts. 6. CANCELLATION This NOTAM self cancels at 1100z 12 May 2020 OR if cancelled by Director, ATC Training prior to date and time listed. All edits will be posted in this thread.
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