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  1. Many thanks as always to @Peter Story and the AIS team for their hard work on this release. Also many thanks to @Clem Wu for his new additions to the release.
  2. 1. INTRODUCTION The VATPAC Operations Department has updated the sector files, Euroscope Client Installer and Controller Client Updater. The version released today is AIRAC 2009, effective on the 13th of August 2020. The sector files provided support both the Virtual Radar Client and the Euroscope Client. This will bring changes to SID and STAR procedures, and a mirage of updates to ground maps, sector boundaries and frequencies. Please see below for details. 2. DETAILS SID STAR, IFR fix updates as per DAP and SUPs. YBSU runway, SID, STAR, airport layout update (updated scenery for pilots provided by Sean Harrison). YBCG Taxiway E extension, YSCB Taxiway B extension, YBRM Apron update. New airport layouts: YAMB, YMES, YBOK SDY Enroute sector boundary change with VATSPY update YSSY TCU airspace boundary update for rwy 25 MARLN STAR and RWY 07 Dir airspace Position Updates: Brisbane Finals 119.25 added, YPTN ATIS updated to 124.0, TN_APP to 120.95. YBBN TCU airspace boundaries updated to the latest diagrams. BN-TSN position now includes ANAU and AGGG airspace in Euroscope. New ADSB sites in PNG: Mt Nauwein, Mt Mission, Mt Konokalang, Mt Dimodimo, Lorengau, Mt Robinson, and Burns Peak. 3. DOWNLOAD LINKS* VRC: Sector Files & POF Euroscope: VATPAC Euroscope Package AIRAC2009.1 & Sector Files 4. AUTHORITY Director, Operations – [email protected] 5. CANCELLATION This NOTAM will self cancel on 05th November 2020. *Vatsys Beta users will be able to access this package through the in-built updater.
  3. I just wanted to send a huge thank you to Cameron Wilbraham. He was controlling ML-WOL_CTR today and was absolutely incredible. It was my first flight on the network and despite a ton of flying off network this week in preparation I was still nervous. He was so friendly throughout, gave lots of options, was flexible all while managing traffic in and out of YSSY and YMML. I really appreciate his help, understanding and patience. His professionalism was also noted while speaking with other pilots on frequency. Such a great start to VATSIM and I am so grateful to have had him control this morning. Incredibly appreciated. Thanks Cameron for an awesome intro to VATSIM and VATPAC. Awesome job AGAIN Cameron!!
  4. Hi Chris, send it over to feedback.vatpac.org I would also encourage you to include details of the event that took place as bullying on the netowrk is unacceptable.
  5. Cheers, was heaps of fun
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