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  1. 1. INTRODUCTION: 1.1 Elements of RAAFvirtual.org (VSOA) and will be conducting a wide range of military/formation flying training in the airspace surrounding RAAFv Base Williamtown. 1.2 Training period begins on the 22nd March 2019 and will self-cancel on 30th April 2019 as follows: Friday’s 0730 – 1130 UTC Saturday’s 0700 – 1100 UTC 1.3 The Training will involve F/A18, E737, KC30A, C17A, C130/C30J, C27J, B350, P8 and PC-9 aircraft operating from RAAFv Base Williamtown. 2. AIRSPACE ACTIVATION 2.1 For the duration of the NOTAM, activity is anticipated for the entire time period as set out in 1.2. 2.2 The following Temporary Modified Restricted and AAR, AEW&C airspace are established at Williamtown (YWLM), and will be activated by NOTAM: a. YWLM/R580 CONDITIONAL STATUS: RA2 (Transit) MILITARY FLYING LATERAL LIMITS: Limits are Setout by airspace outline in Appendix VERTICAL LIMITS: 4500 – F125 HOURS OF ACTIVITY: NOTAM CONTROLLING AUTHORITY: VATPAC b. YWLM/R583A CONDITIONAL STATUS: RA2 (Transit) MILITARY FLYING LATERAL LIMITS: Limits are Setout by airspace outline in Appendix VERTICAL LIMITS: SFC – F125 HOURS OF ACTIVITY: NOTAM CONTROLLING AUTHORITY: VATPAC c. YWLM/R574 CONDITIONAL STATUS: RA3 (Primary) MILITARY FLYING LATERAL LIMITS: Limits are Setout by airspace outline in Appendix VERTICAL LIMITS: SFC – F600 HOURS OF ACTIVITY: NOTAM CONTROLLING AUTHORITY: VATPAC 3. AIRSPACE ACTIVATION TIMING. 3.1 Training Sorties are planned to take place as set out in 1.2 of this NOTAM 4. FLIGHT PLANNING AND ROUTE LIMITATIONS. 4.1 All waypoints inside exercise lateral boundaries will be available above FL 355 during the exercise. 4.2 Upper limits are set out in section 2.0 of this NOTAM 5. MILITARY AIRCRAFT OPERATIONS 5.1 High-speed military jet & turboprop aircraft will be on random tracks without communications within all exercise airspace. Traffic information will not be provided to or about exercise aircraft operating in the exercise area. (Intentions may be handed to ATC by the flight lead on a flight by flight basis) 5.2 Aircraft operating out of Williamtown (YWLM) will operate on the appropriate CTAF channels when ATC is not online. 5.3 When outside CTAF areas, military aircraft will tune UNICOM until established within active restricted airspace. Upon entering active restricted airspace military aircraft will be virtually NOCOM. (See para 5.4) 5.4 Regardless of the phase of flight, military aircraft will endeavour to monitor UNICOM text (122.800) for mutual separation when ATC is offline. 5.5 The below list outlines the civil frequencies that military aircraft will operate on when outside of restricted airspace. Location Frequency YWLM TWR: 118.30 YWLM APP: 130.350 All Other (UNICOM) 6. PRIORITIES 6.1 During exercise activity periods, access to the exercise airspace may not be available due to high density/high energy military operations. 6.2 Every endeavour will be made to adjust exercise activities and minimize delays to facilitate the transit of civil aircraft. 7. CANCELLATION 7.1 This NOTAM will cancel by formal notification from RAAFv executive 8. DISTRIBUTION 8.1 VATPAC Forums/Website 8.2 RAAFvirtual Forums/Website 9. CONTACTS 9.1 VATPAC Operations 9.2 vAIRMSHL Nathan Noble - RAAFv – [email protected] Appendix Exercise Area: Transit Area:
  2. NOTAM: AIRAC1903

    NOTAM - AIRAC1903 Sector File and Client Installer Downloads 1 INTRODUCTION The VATPAC sector files are produced and developed by the operations department every 3 months. The version released today is AIRAC 1903, effective on the 28th of February 2019. The sector files provided support both the Virtual Radar Client and the Euroscope Client. 2 DETAILS SID/STAR updates for Australia and New Caledonia. PH_TWR Frequency change to 127.400. VFR fix update for Australia. Pacific coastlines updated to higher resolution and TMA sector files created (AYPM_CTR and NVVV_CTR serve as both ENR and TMA sector files). Airport list update for Australia. Updated CTA LL labels for YMHB and YMLT. Updates to ADS-B and SSR radar locations for Euroscope in Australia and Fiji (Radar removed from Fiji and replaced with ADS-B). Updated Airspace Boundaries for Papua New Guinea and Fiji. MVA labels added to VRC for Pacific airspace. VRC regions display issue resolved. YPPH taxiway labels updated, YMML Taxiway U fixed and Z removed and terminal outlines updated. Controller positions for CS_DEL, CG_DEL, PH-E_GND, RK_GND, MK_GND and KA_GND added. 3 AUTHORITY Director, Operations – [email protected] 4 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Director Operations would like to thank and acknowledge the hard work of Peter Story (AIS Manager) and Blake Hendrie in preparing these important resources for our enjoyment. 5 CANCELLATION This NOTAM will cancel at 22 MAY 19 - 23:59UTC.
  3. NOTAM: SID/STAR Procedure Change

    1. INTRODUCTION In November 2016, ICAO introduced a number of new rules for aircraft cleared via SID and STAR procedures. To align with the international practice, Australia introduced the ICAO SID/STAR procedures in November 2017. 2. Summary A level instruction issued with the words "VIA SID" or "VIA STAR" alerts the pilot that they are flying a procedure with published restrictions that must be complied with. A level instruction without the word "VIA" re-enforces the pilot on a published procedure that there are no remaining published restrictions that the controller expects to be met. If a procedure has remaining published restrictions, level restrictions will only be issued without the word "VIA" if the controller explicitly cancelled them. For Furthur clarification, please see the attached table. 3. AUTHORITY Director Operations 4. CANCELLATION Indefinite
  4. USA FNO Downunder

    Just a question. Are we only having ML-FLW?
  5. USA FNO Downunder

    Do you mean: [move] 27I QFA105 M 390 > 390 45 YMML B738 | | / \ _______| | \_/ [/move]
  6. Thank-you: Tracy Shiffman

    Thank you Tracy for all the hard work and effort going into VATPAC events, it's been a pleasure dealing with the craziness of the ideas you had! Good luck to you Paul!!
  7. Staff Positions - VATPAC IT Development Team

    Hey Zach, i've sent you an email a few days ago, not sure if you have received it.
  8. USA FNO Downunder

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  9. Restructure of Operations Department

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