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1. Introduction

The VATPAC sector files are produced and developed by the operations department every 3 months. This version just released is AIRAC 1706, effective on the 25th of May 2017.

The sector files provided support both the Virtual Radar Client and the Euroscope Client.

In addition to the standard Australian sector files, the Pacific sector file is currently being developed and will be available within the coming weeks.

These Sector files shall take effect on the 25 MAY 2017 at 00:00 UTC

Any additions, comments or queries about the sector files shall be directed to [email protected]

2. AIRAC 1706 Details

In addition to the updates within AIRAC 1706, there have been significant changes to procedures around Australia and approach types into major airports such as Adelaide and Melbourne. These updates will become available at a later date.

All controllers should ensure that their files are up to date prior to logging onto the network.

These sector files are available from the VATPAC Sector File page under Controllers on the VATPAC Website.

In addition to the sector files, the major airport local instructions have also been updated with the current changes within AIRAC 1706.

3. Authority

Director, Operations [email protected]

4. Cancellation

This NOTAM will cancel at 16 AUG 17 - 23:59UTC.
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I am happy to announce that the Sector Files have been updated with the addition of the Supplementary data. There have been various major changes in regards to approaches as well SIDS and STARS.

They are now available under the Sector Files tab under the Operations tab on the VATPAC Website.


Greg Barber

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Re: NOTAM 24MAY17 - AIRAC1706
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Please note:

The charts for the updated procedures cannot be found in the Airservices AIP DAPs, they are contained in AIP Supplements found here as "AIP Supplements and AICs".

These ones are particularly important as they will match what most payware FMC Navdata is depicting:

H63/17 - Canberra RNAV (RNP) RWY 17/35 and STAR Amendments
H70/17 - Melbourne STAR Rationalisation, SID Amendments, New GBAS Procedures and Amended RNAV (GNSS) Procedures
H62/17 - Adelaide New RNAV (RNP), Revised RNAV (GNSS) and Revised STAR Procedures
H60/17 - Cairns Amended Instrument and Arrival Procedures
H59/17 - Kalgoorlie-Boulder RNAV (RNP) ARR Procedures

Greg Barber
VATPAC Senior Instructor