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Spilled Milk Run Monday, Darwin YPDN


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Head up to the Top End this week for Spilled Milk Run March.

We concentrate the ATC across the Northern Territory today, so if you don''t want to fly the main route between Alice Springs and Darwin, why not depart one of the territories CTAF airports?




AS J251 TN Q23 DN


DN J251 AS




YBAS_ATIS 118.30
AS_TWR 118.30
BN-ASP_CTR 131.80
BN-TRT_CTR 133.20
DN_APP 134.10
DN_TWR 133.10
DN_GND 121.80
DN_DEL 126.80
YPDN_ATIS 128.15


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You are the second person Ive spoken to who is keen to get on Alice for the event... and I myself am in that same category! Hmm.

Event Coordinators, perhaps this is an indication that a few more fly-ins to procedural tower locations is in order?

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