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Daniel Mckee

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Scenic Flight Through The Pyrenees Mountains Pt-1

Flight Created by Pete Smith. YMA489 

Flight for Wednesday  16th  May 2018 @  8.00PM  AEST
Rivesaltes (LFMP) to Bagneres de Luchon (LFCB) 

Distance:  137nm   -   FL: 2000ft AGL  -  Aircraft: Single Engine Aircraftcapable of 120+ kias
Route: LECD LESU LFCG     –   Comms: 122.80  Unless advised by ATC
Depart: Rivesaltes (LFMP) 141ft  MSL  

                Rwy: 15 Tarmac     –    Rwy: 33 Tarmac - ILS 111.75

                Rwy: 33 Tarmac     -     Rwy: 31 Tarmac

Fly To: La Cerdanya  (LECD)  3586ft  MSL 
             T&G  Rwy: 07 Asphalt  -   Rwy: 25 Asphalt 

Fly To: Seo De Urgel  (LESU)  2625ft  MSL

             T&G  Rwy: 03 Asphalt  -   Rwy: 21 Asphalt

Fly To: Antichan (LFCG) 1365ft MSL  

             T&G  Rwy: 16 Macadam  -   Rwy: 34 Macadam
Fly To Destination: Bagneres de Luchon (LFCB) 2028ft  MSL  
              Land  Rwy: 01Grass    –    Rwy:  19 Grass

SCENERY: Default FSX  +  Pilots Global 2010 Mesh or other 3rd Party mesh for this Area. Also recommended:
Orbx Global Base
FTX Global openLC EueropeOrbx EU OpenLC 
WEATHER: Fair Weather       SEASON: Spring


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