It's time for another VATSIM Australia Pacific Event - This time, we are teaming up with VASIM South East Asia's Indonesia vACC to host a brand new VATPAC Event - A City Pair between Ngurah Rai International Airport (WADD) and Perth International Airport (YPPH)! Expect full ATC Coverage from 0800z to 1300z between WADD and YPPH!   What is a City Pair Event?
Put simply, a City Pair event is exactly what the name suggests - Two vACC's (or a vACC and Division in this case) Team up to provide Air Traffic Control Services between two airports of their choice.   Recommended Route:
VATSIM Australia Pacific has provided a Recommended Route for pilots to take during the even, this is;
Pilots can also expect the MURAI2A or MURAI2B SID Departing WADD and the JUILM4A STAR Arriving into YPPH   That's all good, but how do I get involved?
What a great question! As there is no booking system for Pilots to utilize, you are free to load up at WADD with a departure window between 0800z - 0930z where you can expect full ATC Coverage from WADD -> YPPH (Yes, even over the Ocean!)   For ATC Controllers:
For VATSIM Australia Pacific & Indonesia vACC ATC - Please access the VATPAC City Pair Website -> <- and login via VATSIM SSO - Here you can apply to control, select the times and preferred positions you would like to control. The roster will be released on Thursday the 21st of March.   We look forward to seeing you there!

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