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VFR Operations: Easter Head Hunt - Easter Island, South Pacific


Event details



Event Details


This evening's flight is a special event to coincide with Easter Sunday. Appropriately the flight will be conducted over the isolated location of Easter Island (Rapa Nui) deep in the South Pacific.

To fully enjoy this event FSX/P3D pilots should first download and install the Easter Island scenery created by Carlysle Sharpe.

Pilots are tasked with locating as many stone figurine statues, or more correctly, Moai, as possible. The image above includes examples located around the terminal buildings at the Mataveri Airport. Pilots should locate and familiarise themselves with the look and feel of these examples to assist them in identifying the many others scattered across the island. The accompanying map depicts the known locations of the many Maoi. Some, however, are not at all easy to locate since there are a few that lay half buried due to land subsidence. Choose a slow fixed or rotor winged aircraft and explore the mysteries of Easter Island.

Simulation Date/Time : Current date set to daylight.

Weather : Real World / Fair weather if real world is unsuitable for VFR operations.

Distance :<40 nm

Est Flight Time : variable depending on the persistence of the pilot. Allow around 65 mins

Aircraft : Ideally suited to a small rotor wing such as the R-22 Robison. However, those not comfortable with flying helicopters can fly a slow fixed wing aircraft with excellent visibility such as Piper Cub, A22 Foxbat or even a classic vitage open cockpit bi-plane such as a Tiger Moth.

Communications :All pilots should be fine using unicom frequency 122.80.

Altitude : Pilot's discretion

Navigation : Pilots are required to navigate visually. There is no flightplan available for this event.

Flight Details

  • Mataveri Airport [SCIP] Takeoff
    elev : 233'
    rwy : 10/28 asphalt
    CTAF : 122.80
    VOR/DME : IPA 117.10

  • Circum-navigate the island and locate all Moai as indicated in the accompanying map. (NOTE : There are others not depicted in the map)

  • Mataveri Airport [SCIP] Land






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