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Spilled Milkrun Sydney GA & Heli ops in airspace


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It's Spilled Milk Run Monday, and based on the ruminations in This Thread:

It's time to brush up on our Helicopter Operations around Sydney.

Pilots see the Sydney ERSA (https://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/current/ersa/FAC_YSSY_16AUG2018.pdf ) especially from Pages 11 to 19 inclusive.
Or Bankstown ERSA https://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/current/ersa/FAC_YSBK_16AUG2018.pdf pages 4 through 7 inclusive.

If you absolutely cannot fly a Helicopter, then see if you can get a small prop aircraft into the Sydney Approach airspace. Suggested activities include: Sydney Harbour Scenic flights, at 1500ft (inside controlled airspace, VFR)

Fly a practice ILS approach at Sydney Airport (IFR clearance required, even in a Cessna) - perhaps with an IFR departure from Bankstown in a piston single! or pick up IFR in the air!


ATC (And pilot) instructions at https://operations.vatpac.org/documents/li/Sydney Area Local Instructions.pdf 



SY_ATIS 126.25
SY_DEL 133.80
SY_GND 121.70
SY_TWR 120.50
SY_APP 124.40
ML-WOL_CTR 125.00
BK_TWR 132.80
BK_GND 119.90
CN_TWR 120.10
SY_DEP 123.00
CB_APP 124.50





Bankstown YSBK for FSX by Menno

Bankstown by Flukey for FSX & P3D (OZx is gone)
Bankstown for Xplane
Sydney YSSY freeware, FSX version | P3D version
Sydney YSSY by FlyTampa (FSX & P3D)
Sydney YSSY for Xplane (ISDG)

VTC available at https://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/current/aipchart/vtc/Sydney_VTC_24MAY2018.pdf


Familiarise yourself with pages 18, 25, 27, 28 of https://operations.vatpac.org/documents/li/Sydney Area Local Instructions.pdf

Why not try the Barracks 5, Maroubra 5, Cape Banks 5, Wanda 5, Georges River 5, Rosehill 5, Erskineville 5 or the Harbour Bridge 5 routes in a Helicopter?

Land at Rosehill Racecourse, Transition from the Georges River 5 to Choppers South or return. Try the Wanda 5 to enter the Victor 1 northbound. Maybe the Barracks 5 on your way to Sydney Heads to transition onto the Bondi 5 southbound? Or hit Erskineville 5 for a landing at Star City Casino and Darling Harbour, or mix it with the traffic orbiting east of the Sydney Harbour Bridge for a close-up view of Sydney's famous Opera House.

IFR ILS practice approaches at YSSY
BK DCT SY DCT BK (Remember to ensure your DG heading is aligned for potential vectors)

Sydney Scenic flight from Bankstown
(Ensure you get clearance to enter the Sydney TMA prior to proceeding south of Long Reef toward Harbour Bridge)
Harbour Scenic One: Long Reef - Harbour Bridge - North Head - Long Reef
Harbour Scenic Two: Long Reef - Chatswood - Manly Beach - Long Reef

Fixed Based WorldFlight sims
We will endeavour to have ML-WOL_CTR open for some runs between YSCB (or other nearby CTAF's such as Wagga, Albury or Newcastle) and YSSY. Remember, you can always go around.
For the adventurous, why not try a touch and go at YSBK?

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