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16SEP20 | World Discovery - Bolivia


VFR Operations
Daniel Mckee

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This Weeks Flight on 16th September 2020 finds us in Bolivia flying from Vallegrande (SLVG) to Camiri (SLCA).

Flight based on a suggestion by Wil Reynolds

NB: When landing at Camiri you fly a close left circuit for runway 35....fly inside the mountain bowl and turn at a "bowl" ...as you come out of your left turn just follow the river north until you see the runway.

Scenery Suggested: Most flights will benefit from improved mesh which can be obtained from https://www.alpilotx.net/ There is HD and UHD available depending on region. Just check each download page and locate the relevant tile/co-ordinate, download and install as usual. Ensure that the mesh folder is placed in the correct order at bottom of Scenery_packs.ini file.

For this flight select Tile/Co-ordinates -20-070 and -30-070 and download from the isdg site because I find that the quickest.

Scenery (made by Wil Reynolds) for the destination airport Camiri (SLCA) which can be downloaded here.  SLCA   Puts terminal and runway in correct place. 

Aircraft Suggested: Any capable of 175 kias

Comms: Unicom 122.80 unless instructed by ATC

Flight Details: LINK

Weather: Real time weather, fair weather if conditions are not suitable.

Flight Plan:SLVG-SLCA Just click on this link for Flight Plan for FSX, P3D and XP11



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