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30AUG20 | Sydney -> Cairns Shuttle


Event details

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    VATPAC Invites you back to another shuttle event! This time we thought we would concentrate on the east coast and head north! Fly from Sydney inbound Cairns expecting full ATC Services from 0600z - 1200z!


    What is a 'Shuttle' Event?
    A shuttle event is where we invite Pilots and controllers to fly from a defined departure location, inbound a nominated arrival airport with the expectation of full ATC along the way!

    We invite you to depart from Sydney International Airport (YSSY) between 0600z - 0800z inbound to Cairns International Airport (YBCS) as we attempt to test out our talented controlling team! Below you will find the recommended coastal and direct routing for this event, as well as the expected SID & STARs for your flight.

    There are two different recommended routes you can take for this event. Aircraft routing via the coastal route can expect the eastern runway (16L/34R) and aircraft routing via the non-coastal route can expect the western runway (16R/34L). Airport Charts can be found here

    If you are feeling like you wish to explore what the East Coast has to offer while under the control of competent controllers, feel free to fly via our coastal route which darts around the coast. If you have always wanted to take a look at what it looks like but never had the time, this is for you!


    Coastal Route: (3hr 30min)
    SID: ENTRA8 (34R), KEVIN6 ENTRA (16L)
    STAR: UPOLO8A,B,V,Z (15), HENDO8A BARIA (33)

    If you are feeling a little more traditional, feel free to file via the usual routing for this event!
    Non-Coastal Route: (3hr 15min)
    SID: DEENA7RIC(16R), RIC5(34L)
    STAR: NONUM3A (15), HENDO8A FISHY (33)


    Departure Window:
    ATC will be provided at Sydney Airport from 0600z - 0800z. To ensure you receive ATC Services for the full length of your flight, it is recommended you depart in this window!


    Arrival into CS:
    Pilots have the option of flying either the ILS, VOR, RNAV or Visual Approaches into Cairns if weather conditions permit. ATC will assign the approach type nominated in the ATIS but you may request a different approach type if you are up for the challenge. ATC will be provided at Cairns from 0900z - 1200z.

    We ask that you are familiar with the approach type you select, including intercept and following the DME Arc to intercept the approach. If you are unfamiliar with these operations you can request vectors from the Approach controller to ensure you capture the localiser.

    ATC for this event will be rostered according to the positions nominated below. Applications are now open, click here to apply. 

    Dependent on the number of ATC Applications will ultimately persuade the number of controller positions that are rostered.

    Login Identifier: Radio Callsign: Frequency:
    SY_DEL Sydney Delivery 133.800
    SY_GND Sydney Ground 126.500
    SY_TWR Sydney Tower 120.500
    SY_APP Sydney Approach 124.400
    CS_APP Cairns Approach 118.400
    CS_DEP Cairns Approach 126.100
    CS_TWR Cairns Tower 124.900
    CS_GND Cairns Ground 121.700
    BN-MDE_CTR Brisbane Center 133.000
    BN-DOS_CTR Brisbane Center 135.600
    BN-CVN_CTR* Brisbane Center 133.800
    BN-TBP_CTR Brisbane Center 120.550
    BN-SWY_CTR* Brisbane Center 133.200


    YSSY - Sydney International Airport:
    Payware - FlyTampa (FSX/P3D)
    Freeware - AVSIM (FSX/P3D)
    Freeware - ISDG (xPlane)

    YBCS - Cairns Airport
    Payware - ORBX (FSX/P3D)
    Freeware - AVSIM (FSX/P3D)
    Freeware - FSClips (xPlane)


    Any questions regarding this event or issues with the roster should be emailed to [email protected] - This inbox is always open to your input on events and queries, we hope you enjoy this event!!!

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