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    08 August 2018 10:00 AM     11:30 AM

    World Discovery Flight for 1st August 2018
    ROCKY MOUNTAIN AIRPORT TOUR created by Peter Smith YMA489
    A very hard flight plan in common GA Aircraft. I flew this with a Carenado B58. VFR Flight with wild swings in Altitudes. Maintain 16000 feet for most of the flight to and from the airports. You will have to fly around mountains on approaches with steep short field finals. GPS flight plan is just a guide. You will have to follow the mountain passes from some airports in order to attain sufficient altitude (in some cases). Don't wimp out! Max load your plane. I have broken this flight up into 3 Legs, the most difficult take off is at Buckhorn Ranch and the toughest area between airports is from KASE to KEGE.
    Depart from KDRO and finish the final leg at KHDN
    Leg 2   2CO2 KGUC 0CO2 KASW KEGE
    Flight Details Link:   Leg 2
    Flight Plan Link for FSX, PlanG and X11  Flight Plans
    Aircraft: Default Baron 58 so we all fly the same aircraft.
    Scenery: Recommended but not mandatory Orbx NA Freeware Airfields, Orbx Global Base and Orbx North America OLC
    Weather: Fair/Spring (it gets pretty bad up here)

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