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    01 October 2018     

    We know there's nothing more VATPAC'ers love more than some friendly competition. Join us for another Iron Mic series that takes it to the next level as we battle our neighbors across the ditch, VATNZ. Covering VATPAC's busiest airport, Sydney, we'll take on our Kiwi friends all week long. 
    The following positions will be the primary positions:
    To give us the best chance possible, please logon to the above positions at Sydney prior to occupying others. Remember, There are no reserved positions so if one of the above positions is available, logon!
    What is Iron Mic?
    Iron Mic is a weekly competition that VATSIM holds which recognizes a position with the most hours logged on the network. It is broken into 3 categories; TWR, APP and CTR. The position in each category that logs the most online hours over a 7 day period wins the Iron Mic. 
    Iron Mic runs from 0000Z on Monday (1000 AEST) to 2359Z Sunday (0959 Monday AEST).
    How do we know about our progress?
    Click on this link (http://fsmine.dhis.org/stats/showstats.cgi) to view all the VATSIM ATC stats for the week.
    Remember, Our aim is to keep the TWR, APP and CTR positions open as much as possible. Coordinate with other controllers to ensure maximum coverage of the Sydney positions. You can do this on Facebook, Teamspeak or the forums.
    VATSIM has set out a few rules regarding Iron Mic which can be viewed here https://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=11100
    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Good Luck VATPAC!

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    07 October 2018 12:00 AM     08:00 AM

    It's been some time since the last Real Ops. Actually, over 3 years and it’s coming back strong, with 8 hours of continuous ATC service. Real Ops will be held in Sydney, so get strapped in!
    With this returning so has the website. All the information as well as ATC applications and pilot information can be found at https://realops.vatpac.org
    What is Real Ops?
    The idea is quite simple. Real Ops focuses on running the airport like it was the real world, this means that all ATC positions are rostered.
    Pilots can expect holding and waits so remember to bring extra fuel. Controllers can expect hard work and many nonstandard procedures to deal with the traffic.
    This time we will be focusing on Sydney’s Kingsford-Smith International Airport, which is the busiest airport in Australia by passenger volume and has the longest runway in the Southern hemisphere. There will be over 8 hours of continuous ATC services and 20+ ATC positions. What ever you like, there will be something for you!
    The Details
    Sunday, October 7th
    ATC will be provided from 0000z-0800z(10:00-18:00 AEST)
    You can find all rostered positions, pilot information and more at https://realops.vatpac.org
    ATC Applications here:
    https://realops.vatpac.org . Applications will close Friday 28SEPT18. The roster will be published by Sunday 30SEPT18.

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    07 October 2018 09:30 AM     11:45 AM

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    This weekend is VFR Operations takes a trip to Bathurst Airport for the annual Mount Panorama Races. Sunday after the race conclusion the flight departs Bathurst returning via a southerly scenic route to Sydney Bankstown.
    Simulation Date/Time : Current date set to daylight.
    Weather : Real World / Fair weather if real world is unsuitable for VFR operations.
    Distance : 126 nm
    Est Flight Time : approx 75 mins
    Aircraft : Single piston engine aircraft such as Cessna 182 or similar capable of 125 to 155 kias.
    Communications : Australia uses CTAF (Common Traffic Advisory Frequency) for radio comms at uncontrolled airfields. VATSIM pilots connecting to the network using FSCOPILOT/FSINN can install an additional file that provides the ability to tune the CTAF frequency and make voice announcements to other pilots on frequency. These files can be obtained via this link.
    For pilots connecting to VATSIM using VPilot, there is a work around that enables these pilots to also take advantage of online voice CTAF. Refer to this informative VATPAC Forum post to learn how to implement the work around.
    Altitude : Remain below Sydney CTA steps
    GPS Flightplan is available for FSX and X-Plane FMS and also provided is the original Plan-G flightplan for those that find this useful all enclosed within a Zip archive.
    Navigation : Pilots familiar with the area can navigate visually, for those less familiar the accompanying GPS Flightplan is the recommended method of navigating the flight plan.
    Bankstown is a general aviation class D aerodrome and is located in close proximity to Sydney International Airport and RAAF Airbase Richmond. An excellent source of information for Bankstown VFR operations inbound and outbound can be found in CASA's "Ontrack" Online Reference Resource. Pilots unfamiliar with Bankstown Operations are encouraged to visit the site and review available information prior to operating within Bankstown airspace.
    In particular refer to Bankstown "INBOUND FROM THE SOUTH VIA 2RN"
    Bathurst Aiport Race Restrictions

    Recommended Scenery
    Bankstown by By Robert Fluke (Flukey), Ben Odonnell (FBK289) & Garry Moore(GAZZA) ORBX Bathurst [YBTH] ORBX Australia ANTS AUSSIE AIRPORTS OZX AU Scenery Flight Details
    BATHURST [YBTH] Takeoff
    elev : 2435
    rwy : 17/35ns asphalt
    rwy : 08/26 gravel
    CTAF : 127.35
    NDB : BTH BATHURST 383.0
    OBERON Overfly - H-137° D-20.3 nm
    BERRIMA FARM T&G - H-145° D-49.9 nm
    elev : 2200
    rwy : 15/33 08/26 grass
    CTAF : 131.25
    MITTAGONG [YMIG] T&G - H-073° D-12.3 nm
    elev : 1840
    rwy : 06/24ns dirt
    CTAF : 126.70
    WILTON [YWIO] T&G - H-019° D-16.3 nm
    elev : 610
    rwy : 15/33 grass
    rwy : 18/36 dirt
    CTAF : 124.55 (FSINN 131.25)
    WEDDERBURN [YWBN] T&G - H-059° D-7.3 nm
    elev : 850
    rwy : 35/17 bitumen
    CTAF : 122.55
    2RN [TWRN] Overfly - H-002° D-15.2 nm
    BANKSTOWN [YSBK] Land - H-069° D-5 nm
    elev : 34
    rwy : 11R/29L 11L/29R 11C/29C asphalt
    CTAF : 132.80
    Sydney VNC

    Sydney VTC

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