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    21 October 2018

    Event Details
    Simulation Date/Time : Current date set to daylight.
    Weather : Real World / Fair weather if real world is unsuitable for VFR operations.
    Distance : 244 nm
    Est Flight Time : approx 80 mins
    Aircraft : Single or twin engine Vintage Military aircraft such as North American P-51 Mustang, Supermarine Spitfire, DeHavilland Mosquito or similar capable of 200 to 240 kias.
    Communications : Australia uses CTAF (Common Traffic Advisory Frequency) for radio comms at uncontrolled airfields. VATSIM pilots connecting to the network using FSCOPILOT/FSINN can install an additional file that provides the ability to tune the CTAF frequency and make voice announcements to other pilots on frequency. These files can be obtained via this link.
    For pilots connecting to VATSIM using VPilot, there is a work around that enables these pilots to also take advantage of online voice CTAF. Refer to this informative VATPAC Forum post to learn how to implement the work around.
    Altitude : Not above FL125 and remaining clear of Albury CTA until cleared to enter
    GPS Flightplan is available for FSX and X-Plane FMS and also provided is the original Plan-G flightplan for those that find this useful all enclosed within a Zip archive.
    Navigation : Pilots familiar with the area can navigate visually, for those less familiar the accompanying GPS Flightplan is the recommended method of navigating the flight plan.
    Recommended Scenery
    Robert Graham Scenery - RAAF East Sale Albury-Wodonga (YMAY) enhancement by Jeff Crisdale ORBX Australia ANTS AUSSIE AIRPORTS OZX AU Scenery Flight Details
    EAST SALE [YMES] Takeoff
    elev : 23
    rwy : 09/27ns 04ns/22 asphalt
    CTAF : 118.30
    NDB : ESL EAST SALE 350.0
    TACAN : ESL EAST SALE 113.50
    BAIRNSDALE [YBNS] T&G - H-044° D-23.5 nm
    elev : 165
    rwy : 13/31 sealed
    rwy : 04/22 gravel
    CTAF : 126.70
    MOUNT HOTHAM [YHOT] T&G - H-334° D-51.6 nm
    elev : 4260
    rwy : 11/29ns asphalt
    CTAF : 126.75
    DEDERANG SUBSTATION [DSS] Overfly - H-323° D-39.4 nm
    IF ALBURY TOWER ACTIVE MAKE INBOUND CALL and remain clear of CTA until advised
    ALBURY [YMAY] T&G - H-344° D-23.3 nm
    elev : 539
    rwy : 07ns/25 asphalt
    CTAF/TWR : 123.25 (FSINN 124.20)
    VOR/DME : AY ALBURY 115.60
    WOOMARGAMA [WAM] Overfly - H-033° D-19.9 nm
    WAGGA WAGGA [YSWG] T&G - H-002° D-41.5 nm
    elev : 724
    rwy : 12/30 05/23 asphalt
    CTAF : 126.95
    NDB : WG WAGGA WAGGA 221.0
    TEMORA [YTEM] Land - H-338° D-44.7 nm
    elev : 921
    rwy : 09/27 18/36 05/23 asphalt
    CTAF : 126.15

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